You Never Saw It Coming

By Adeabdul:

You saw it in her smile and you weren’t careful. It was also there when he danced and you felt the magic in his moves. You could never let her dance alone since.

It washed over you when he tickled you that day. And you couldn’t stop yourself for fear of losing her laughter. Those loud throaty intervals of guffaws were the only good thing in the world.

Do you remember the porch, you and him searching the sky for the Polaris? Some astronomers you were not. It was really the echoes of her voice up against the nighttime breeze that held you up.

The final straw? Lying side by side as he sang just before falling sleep. You poor soul! Her voice wrapped around you like a thousand kisses on your skin. You’d never felt like that before. Your very veins pulsated to his every tune and your blood ran so high that you thought you might die.

By the time the song ended. It was too late. There was no one on earth that could save you.

You should’ve known when you first saw her smile and your head lit up. When you saw him in that towel and the heat overcame you even after you had looked away.

That time in the kitchen? All those times in the kitchen that your heart melted and you almost cried. Did you think it was the onions?

You had fallen in love. You poor bastard! And you didn’t even know that you were falling. So, you never saw it coming.

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