Hope to rise again

By Shogo Olalekan Uthman:

Rise up, ye who are tired.
Out of the pit of despair,
Use hope as a compass.
You should pray for courage.
Observe the horizon,
Do not give up,
Because hope will give you courage,
Your cup will be filled with bravery.
Never fear, and have courage.
Because hope never dies,
You’ll be glad you did,
and assist you in ascending.
So, my weary soul, get up

Shogo Olalekan Uthman
Shogo Olalekan Uthman

Shogo Olalekan Uthman is a conscious writer who creatively construct words and poems where thoughfulmess connects with brilliance to produce a kind of skepticism, expressionism, and suspense with a bit of inspiration, motivation and upliftment.

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