Meet Dianne Holechek Who Once Married Chuck Norris for 30 Years

Dianne Holechek is a former model and actress, best known as the ex-wife of American martial artist and actor, Chuck Norris.

While her marriage to Chuck Norris brought her into the limelight, she’d a brief career as an actress and a model.

Additionally, the couple were married for 30 years before the marriage ended in 1989. Since her divorce, not much has been heard about her.

So, today we’ll be looking at Dianne Holechek and her life beyond her marriage to American martial artist Chuck Norris.

I’ll be discussing her career, movies, family, and what she’s up to now.

Dianne Holechek’s Biography 

Dianne Holechek

Dianne Holechek, with birth name Dianne Kay Holechek, was born on the 27th of November, 1941.

She was born in Los Angeles, California, and attended Torrance High School, California in the 50s. 

After high school, she didn’t proceed to college but married Chuck Norris in 1958. The duo had met in high school and were only 17 and 18 years old when they tied the knot.

Her marriage to Chuck produced two children. However, it ended after 30 years in 1989. Since then, Dianne has remained out of the spotlight.

Notwithstanding, she’d had a brief career as a model and actress.

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Dianne Holechek’s Career

Dianne worked briefly as a model and an actress. She’d been focused on her marriage and being a homemaker.

She’s known to have participated in only one movie project in 1984, “Hollywood ‘84.”

The movie series was low-profile, however it was high-grossing. Also, it starred other actors like Ginger Rangers, Jessica Lange, Hal Roach, Werner Baker, and Michael Landon, including Chuck Norris, and Eric Norris, Chuck and Dianne’s son.

Dianne Holechek Movies 

Dianne Holechek is known for the 1984 movie, “Hollywood ‘84.” The movie was a series and focused on the actor’s personal lives outside the screen.

It was produced by Dieter Finnern and starred Chuck Norris, Dianne’s then-husband, and their son Eric Norris.

Other actors include Ginger Rangers, Jessica Lange, Hal Roach, Werner Baker, and Michael Landon. They’d all appeared as themselves.

What Is Dianne Holechek’s Net Worth?

There’s no official statement on Dianne Holechek’s net worth. Some websites peg her net worth estimated to be $10 million.

However, her ex-husband, Chuck Norris has a net worth of $70 million as of 2024.

Dianne Holechek’s Family

Dianne Holechek with her family

There’s no information on Dianne Holechek’s parents or siblings available on the internet. 

Dianne Holechek met Chuck Norris at Torrance High School, California, and they got married in 1958.

She was only 17 years while Chuck was 18 years old when they started their family.

They had their first child, Mike Norris, on 4th October 1962, and their second child, Eric Norris, on 20th May 1965.

Both sons have built a successful career. Mike Norris followed his father’s career path as an actor.

He started by featuring with his father in the 1979 movie, “A Force of One,” and since then has built a thriving acting career.

On the other hand, Eric Norris is an outstanding stock car racing driver. He won the NASCAR Winston-West Series Champion in 2002.

Also, he has tried his hand at movie projects, being a director for “Logan’s War: Bound by Honor, A Michael Preece TV film. 

Moreover, he was featured in the same “Hollywood ‘84” series alongside his mother and father in 1984, and “Texas Ranger” with his father, and a few other movies.

Furthermore, Dianne is a grandmother of seven. Her first child, Mike Norris has three children with his wife Valerie Norris;  a daughter Hanna Norris born in 1995, and twin Max and Greta Norris, born in 2000.

Eric Norris on the other hand has four children with his spouse Stephanie Norris; Camrynn, Chloe, Chantz, and Cash Norris.

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Dianne Holechek and Chuck Norris 

Dianne Holechek and Chuck Norris 

Dianne Holechek and Chuck Norris met and started a relationship when they were both students at Torrance High School, in California. Chuck had taken an active part in football and gymnastics. 

After graduating in 1958, Chuck Norris enlisted in the USA Air Force, as an Air Policeman. He was sent to South Korea and he proposed marriage to Dianne through a letter.

They got married that same year on 29th December and spent four days on Honeymoon together. Chuck had wedded Dianne in his Air Force uniform.

Four years later, the couple welcomed their first son, Michael Roy Norris in 1962. Three years later, they had their second son, Eric Scott Norris in 1965.

However, soon after, things began to take another turn in their marriage. As Chuck became more successful in his career and his fame heightened, there were speculations that he was no longer paying attention to his family.

Also, it was rumored that he engaged in extramarital affairs, which reportedly resulted in a daughter, Dina Norris. 

Despite all of these problems, Dianne remained married to him for three decades and got divorced in 1989. It was his alleged relationship with Gena O’Kelly that led her to call it quits.

Chuck had gone ahead to wed Gena after his divorce.

Chuck Norris is an established martial artist and Hollywood actor. He was born on 10th March 1940.

During his active years in Hollywood, he was the face of karate. Before he became more involved in acting, he had established over 30 karate studios and had engaged in numerous martial arts competitions, winning several.

He is a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Tang Soo Do, and judo. Also, he had taught Hollywood stars, such as Priscilla Presley and Steve McQueen.

In addition, Chuck was popular in movies such as “Breaker Breaker,” “Good Guys Wear Black,” “A Force of One,” “The Octagon,” and several more.

How Old Is Dianne Holechek?

Dianne Holechek who was born on the 27th of November, 1941, is currently 83 years old.

Where’s Dianne Holechek Now?

Dianne Holechek lives a quiet life and is reportedly still working in the entertainment industry as a director. The 83-year-old is healthy and a grandmother of seven.

Final Words

Dianne Holechek was quite famous as the wife of Chuck Norris, a martial artist, and Hollywood actor.

She was a model and actress but wasn’t quite successful on screen. The 83-year-old mother of two and grandmother of seven has lived a quiet life since after her divorce.

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