Kate Connelly: Former TV Host, a Chef, and Ex-wife to Bobby Flay 

Kate Connelly, a TV host and model, garnered much attention from the public after her marriage to celebrity chef, Bobby Flay.

However, she had made a name for herself right before her marriage to the well-known culinary master, co-hosting the Robin Leach Talking Food Show on the Food Network.

Although lately, not much has been heard about her. 

Today, we discuss the life of Kate Connelly, her career, her marriage and divorce from Bobby Flay, and what she has been up to lately. 

Stay with me as we discuss these details about Bobby Flay’s ex-wife. 

Kate Connelly’s Biography 

Kate Connelly laughing

Kate Connelly was born on July 25, 1966, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. She’s a model, chef, and TV host. 

She developed a love for cooking at a very young age from her mother who taught her several dishes. She also had a passion for modeling and enjoyed listening to rock music and acting.

Kate had her early education in Minneapolis and later attended St. Michael’s College where she studied journalism.

After graduation, she worked as a model for some time before pursuing her passion for cooking blending in her journalism skills.

After years of exploring the culinary world, she became a co-host of the “Robin Leach Talking Food” Show in 1994, which earned her fame. The show aired on the Television Food Network until 1995. She has also been cast as an actress.

Kate Connelly allegedly met her husband Bobby Flay on the “Talking Food” show where he was a guest. They got married in 1995. Her marriage to Bobby Flair, a celebrity chef and owner of several restaurants made her more famous.

Unfortunately, the marriage ended three years later with a daughter.

Aside from being a TV host, Kate is also a restauranter, co-owning several restaurants across New York.

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Kate Connelly’s Profession 

Kate Connelly started as a model at a young age and also performed in the theaters.

However, she modeled for a short time before her earlier passion for cooking took over. Combined with her journalism skills, she earned a place as a co-host on the TV series, “Robin Leach Talking Food” Show.

On the show, she cooked on air while engaging in several comical kitchen disasters. Also, she entertained guests including chefs, restauranters, wine stewards, and ordinary people.

However, after the show ended in 1995, she didn’t continue with TV hosting. After her marriage to Bobby Flay, Kate became a co-owner of several restaurants she opened with him.

Also, she had acted alongside Chris Hemsworth in the movie, “Blaze.”

What Is Kate Connelly’s Net Worth?

According to several sources, Kate Connelly has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. Her successful career as a TV host in the 90s and as co-owner of several restaurants contribute to her wealth.

Kate Connelly’s Family 

Kate Connelly with her daughter and ex-husband at the beach

Being a private person, Kate Connelly hasn’t revealed any information about her parents. 

She started her family in 1995 getting married to Bobby Flay. The marriage resulted in a daughter, Sophie Flay, on April 16, 1996, before it ended in 1998. 

Sophie Flay followed her mother’s career path as an actress, journalist, and TV host. She got a degree in Broadcast and Digital Journalism from the University of Southern California.

Sophie works as a journalist at ABC7, a job she started in 2019, and is a co-host of a food show on the Food Network. She has co-hosted several shows with her father.

Kate also has a son, Jonathan, from a previous relationship before she married Bobby. However, she has kept him out of the public’s eye.

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Kate Connelly and Bobby Flay

Kate Connelly and Bobby Flay

Kate Connelly and Bobby Flay met at the “Robin Leach Talking Food” Show in 1994 where Bobby was a guest. 

Bobby, who recently divorced his first wife, took a liking to Kate, which was reciprocated. Kate herself was a single mother.

The two started a romantic relationship and got married the following year. The marriage took place in one of Bobby’s restaurants, Bolo Bar and Restaurant in New York, with family and friends in attendance, about 100 guests.

On April 16, 1966, the couple welcomed their first and only child, Sophie Flay. However, the marriage wasn’t to last, as they separated in 1998.

Bobby Flay, born on December 10, 1964, is a TV personality, a successful restauranter, and a celebrity chef. He developed a love for cooking at a tender age and his parents were solely behind him.

At 17, he dropped out of high school and pursued cooking professionally. His father enrolled him at a French institute, where he earned a degree in Culinary Arts in 1984.

Today, he’s a successful businessman, owning numerous restaurants and hotels across the US.

Also, Bobby has established himself as a renowned TV personality with several appearances as a guest and host on several cooking shows. He has hosted popular shows like “Throwdown! with Bobby Flay,” “Grill It! with Bobby Flay,” and “Beat Bobby Flay.”

Furthermore, he has contributed to the culinary world by authoring several cookbooks. He is a multiple award recipient of the James Beard Foundation.

The 59-year-old man has been married thrice and divorced.

How Old Is Kate Connelly?

Kate Connelly is 57 years old. She was born on July 25, 1966. Her daughter, Sophie Flay, shared an Instagram post on July 25, 2020, celebrating her birthday.  

Kate Connelly Now

Since her divorce, Kate Connelly has kept her low profile. She’s now focused on running her restaurant and no longer works as a TV host.

Final Words

Kate Connelly, ex-wife to celebrity chef and TV personality, Bobby Flay, is also a chef and a former TV host.

Her marriage to Bobby Flay lasted for three years before they separated in 1998, sharing joint custody of their daughter, Sophie Flay.

She’s now focused on running some of the restaurants she shares with her ex-husband.

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