All About Bad Thinking Diary: the Manhwa You Must Read

If you’re a fan of Manhwa and a lover of the girls-love genre, then the Bad Thinking Diary is a must-read. 

The Bad Thinking Diary is a 62-chapter Korean comic series about one-sided love and obsession. It follows the story of two best friends from high school.

However, things take a drastic turn, leading to unanswered questions about their feelings and friendship.

If you want to know more about this comic series, keep reading this article. I’ll be discussing the characters that make the series and how you can read it.

What Is Bad Thinking Diary?

A Cover Photo of Bad Thinking Diary.

The Bad Thinking Diary is a Korean comic, popularly known as Manhwa, just like the Japanese Manga. It was written and illustrated by Park Do-han and published by Lezhin. 

It’s a 62-chapter comic currently in its first season. The story centers on two best friends, Minji and Yuna, who have been friends since high school.

Just like close friends, they do things together, and everything seems okay between them until Minji starts having sensual dreams about herself and her best friends. Consequently, things started to change between them.

Minji, confused at what it all means, kept the dreams to herself, concluding that it must be from loneliness. However, she gathers up courage later and shares it with Yuna, who has just gotten out of an abusive relationship.

However, she’s taken aback when Yuna starts to act strange. What does it all mean? Is Yuna angry with her, or is her reaction from bottled-up feelings? 

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Bad Thinking Diary Manga

Bad Thinking Diary Manga

The Bad Thinking Diary manhwa cuts across different genres: Yuri, School, Drama, and Romance.

It has 62 chapters and is in its first season at the moment.

Below are the main characters in this comic:

Kang Yuna

Kang Yuna is one of the main characters in this manga. She’s a beautiful lady with shining black hair and attractive blueish-gray eyes. She loves dark attires and is often seen in them. 

In her early twenties, she has a dominant aura and carries herself with pride. While she was younger, she’d suffered at the hands of her ex-lover, who came after her after she ended things with him. 

However, she’s able to escape harm due to the help of her best friend, Kim Minji. Now, the young girl seems to be very fond of Kim Minji.

Kim Minji

Kim Minji is another major character in the Bad Thinking Diary. She’s a young girl of the same age as Yuna. She has attractive green eyes with light brown hair.

As opposed to Yuna, she loves brighter colors and appears in them. Being the best friend of Yuna, the two get along well until she begins having erotic dreams about her friend.

Unaware of Yuna’s feelings about her, Minji is confused and too shy to share her dreams. Eventually, she does but things don’t go as she quite expects.

However, as the story evolves, she gains better clarity about herself.

Oh Hyera

Oh Hyera features as the main antagonist in this series. She often appears provocative, with her bold pink hair and eyes, and indecent attire. 

She’s of the same age as Yuna and Minji, but displays worrisome behavior, as she’s promiscuous- keeping several relationships with different women. Also, she’s known to use people for selfish reasons.

Additionally, she practices sadomasochism.

Unfortunately, she likes Yuna and doesn’t like the relationship she shares with Minji. So, she attempts to break up their friendship using Minjae, who’s fond of her.

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Jo Minjae

Jo Minjae is a side character and another antagonist in this comic series. She’s a redhead with golden eyes. She’s in love with Hyera and will do anything to please her.

So, she’s easily Hyera’s pawn in her game to break up Yuna and Minji. However, Minjae later realizes that Hyera doesn’t love her but is only using her for her gain.

Han Jihoon

Han Jihoon is one of the minor characters in the Bad Thinking Diary series. He looks like Yuna. He’s Minji’s previous love interest.

How to Read Bad Thinking Diary

You can read all chapters of the Bad Thinking Diary manga on Lezhin Comics,,, and several more websites. 

Also, you can go to your favorite search engine and search for Bad Thinking Diary, and several websites with the uploaded will show.


Bad Thinking Diary is a Korean manhwa that illustrates the story of two best friends from high school, who discover they have romantic feelings for each other.

It’s a story of love, obsession, and selfishness. You can read this series on several websites online. Lezhin Comics, MangaBuddy, and MangaFire are some of them.

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