It’s Joever Meme: Meaning, Usage and Origin

Since the meme trend began, various texts, videos, and images have been made into memes, creating a lot of fun on the internet space. “It’s Joever” is one such meme 

The “It’s Joever” phrase is derived from the combination of “Joe Biden” and “It’s over” and it typically means “it’s over.” 

It was first used before the 2020 US presidential election, and since then has spread through various social media platforms, especially on Twitter.

So, if you’re wondering what this phrase means and how the meme came about, this article has got you covered. I’ll be discussing the meaning, origin, and usage.

What Is “It’s Joever?” 

“It’s Joever” is a catchphrase that’s made from the combination of “Joe Biden” and “It’s Over.” 

It’s often associated with an image of Joe Biden, the United States of America President, wearing a solemn expression. 

The expression with the image was first posted by an internet user before the 2020  US presidential election to depict the loss of Joe Biden. 

However, these days it’s used in trolling and memes. Also, it’s used to express sadness or defeat, often as a replacement for “it’s over.” 

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What Is the “It’s Joever” Meme?

The “It’s Joever meme” is an image of Joe Biden, taken during his speech in 2019. 

The President is depicted in the image, wearing a solemn expression as he gives his speech, giving an air of sadness.

The image was first used as a meme shortly before the 2020 US Presidential Election. It was used as a variant of the “It’s Over” meme, which started in 2016.

The “It’s over” meme featured an image of Donald Trump and was first used to depict the end of his presidential run. However, as it spreads, different images have been used to depict a defeated state.

The phrase became popular for mocking people’s sad situation and describing defeat.

So, the “It’s Joever” meme took over in 2020, combining “Joe Biden” and “It’s Over” meme to depict the anticipated loss of Joe Biden in the 2020 election. 

However, Joe Biden won the election, and the meme became a popular reply on social media, particularly Twitter, to troll or mock people’s loss.

Furthermore, the meme can be used hilariously with any suitable image to describe something as completed or to describe a sense of defeat. 

Photo of the Joever meme

Origin of “Its Joever” Phrase

“It’s Joever” became a phrase shortly before the 2020 US election, when a 4chan user posted an image of Joe Biden with an “ITS JOEVER” caption on their pol image board.

First, Getty Images captured the solemn image of Joe Biden in 2019 when he was giving a speech on March 12th in Washington DC.

Consequently, the image became a meme and was first used as a variant of Donald Trump’s “It’s Over” meme to mock the supporters of Joe Biden, predicting that he’d lose the election.

As the months progressed, the phrase was used in 4chan’s pol during election discussions.

However, the image only became very popular and achieved widespread usage in September 2022.

A Twitter user @shamarke_a, had responded to a news tweet of Joe Biden declaring the Covid-19 pandemic over with the image, as seen below.

screenshot of It's Joever” Meme on twitter

As a result, the image gained more popularity and is now used as a meme. Also, you can create yours with any suitable image of your choice.

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Final Words

The “it’s Joever” catchphrase, gotten from the combination of Joe Biden and the “It’s Over” meme, has become a popular meme on the internet.

It was first used with the image of Joe Biden before he ran for the presidency in 2020 to state that he’d lose his election.

These days it can be used as a way to hilariously say that something is over.

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