By Adeabdul:

Across from him, laughing while sitting on the grass Michael saw it, the greatest sight of his life.

Her teeth bright and beautiful as she laughed, her face even more radiant than the afternoon sun behind her, and her body propped up elegantly by her left hand was a sight any artist would die to capture, Angela; the greatest sight he ever saw.

The wind picked up and flapped her uniform about her hair, flailing daisies from the nearby brush glorified her every inch; Angela, she was his one and only crush.

She turned away from the boys to look at him, her mouth closed as the corners lifted up in smile and her eyes gazed upon him with intense longing, Angela; he always knew she loved him.

He got up, dusted away the dirt and got down on one knee. He reached into his pocket for the little round metal he had wanted to give her for all eternity.

“Angela; will you marry me?”

(Culled from Infinite Love 90)

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