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Obiajulum was taken to the place he had been before; the place where the hand had pulled him to when he was in the spirit world. His mind was having a hard time interpreting what he saw, as a slight wind made him he realize he wasn’t alone.
“Are you ready?” A voice emerged as an old man appeared, a fog acknowledging his presence.
“Old man?” Obiajulum called, as he made to ask, “Where ​am I, old man? Am I dead?”
​The old man shook his head and beckoned to him to come.
​”Where are you taking me?”
​The old man didn’t reply.
“I do not want to go with you.”
​The old man shouted at the top of his voice. “The prophecy must be fulfilled!”
​Obiajulum yelled back. “To hell with your prophecy!”
The old man tried to calm him. “I will not hurt you.”
“I cannot trust that you won’t, Obiajulum said, “You are no more among the living”
​”Likewise you, mortal.” the man snarled and made towards him in a flash, grabbing his hands as his fingers dug deep into his skin.
​”You’re hurting me.”
The old man thundered. “The ritual must be done!”
Obiajulum countered. “I do not want to be a part of it.”
​The old man made known- “It’s just a drop. Just a drop-”
​Obiajulum watched as his blood dripped on the hard ground; the clouds raking at the arrival of the moon.
​”How is this possible?” Obiajulum marvelled, forgetting the pain he felt.
A loud holler shook the earth, as a child appeared with a mark carved on his forehead. “You cannot defeat me!” He took the form of a beast and snorted, rushing to gut Obiajulum into half as the old man intervened. “You dare not touch him!
Obiajulum watched as he caught the beast with his bare hands and tore it apart.
The old man thinking the great evil was gone,turned to face the boy, getting an angry grip instead. “You are to finish the ritual.” He said as he got pulled by the devil.
“You shall not!” The Great Evil shouted. “I will not let you defeat me. No!”
The ritual was coming into play; with the merge happening; and the elders appearing.
The chief priest was the anchor, channeling all powers, while they chanted and encircled the boy.
Their plan was to make him vulnerable-have him at their mercy-and take his soul!
“You belong to us!”
“No, he is mine-” the Great Evil roared and raced towards the boy, grabbing him, as his skin emitted fire.
“Wh-what is this? What’s this sensation?”
“The evil that men do lasteth not.” Obiajulum spoke with great courage, watching as they fell… and died.

Peace was returned at last and Obiajulum was free again, with the elders gone and the prophecy fulfilled.


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