By Jessica-Ken:

Chiaobi had had a terrible fall and was rushed to the hospital, as he’d sustained an injury to his head when he had fallen on the glass table. His father regretted ever laying a hand on him. How was he to know that a simple discipline he wanted to instil, could wreak havoc.
“Nurse! Nurse!”
One of the nurses surfaced, uttering in a rude tone. “Madam, no dey shout nah. You no know you dey disturb patients?”
Adanne ignored her, asking for her son to be taken in immediately as he had lost a lot of blood. “Nurse, please. P-please—my son—my child—Help!” Adanne was in a confused state, not knowing what else to say.
Her husband was following behind, stuck with the pain, seeing his son in a critical condition. God, what is this? He sighed, blaming himself. What really came over me? He thought with no explanation given. He couldn’t understand how he had gotten so mad, to the extent of wanting to whip him. He was carrying the boy all this while, not minding if his blood soaked every part of his body or even stained the floor.
“Just see as una dey stain where person clean,” The nurse who went by the name Evelyn, took notice of the blood that was dripping. “You no know say this hospital dey dey clean everyday?”
Adanne felt like giving her a dirty slap. What rubbish? She spoke out of rage, stating the nurse was mad.
The other nurse who was watching the drama clapped her hands and added more salt, “Na your generation, your husband’s people, your papa—all of una—DEY CRAZE!” she hammered on the last words, and Adanne made to pull her hair, getting stopped.
“No, leave me! Leave me, let me show this woman actual madness!”
Nurse Evelyn laughed, and her colleague joined. “This woman na typical agbero sha,” The two women began laughing again.
Adanne eyed them and turned to her husband. “Honey, please let’s go,”
Her husband ot sure if he had heard her, asked, “Go where?”
“To another hospital,” she replied, “We can’t afford to waste much time. I have a bad feeling about this place.”
The nurses crinkled their noses at her statement. “Na confirm werey we dey deal with.”
Adanne having been filled, nsisted on leaving immediately. “Honey, please let’s just go. Let’s go. I can’t afford to lose my son.” She corrected, “Our son.”
Nurse Evelyn called with her upper set of teeth showing, “Heyzzzz—”
Adanne shot her an angry stare, as she asked, “Una get card?”
Adanne ranted at her highest peak; “This is a case of emergency. Just what the hell is wrong with the nurses here? Are you guys not seeing my son is in critical condition?” she turned to her husband again, “Honey, please let’s go. We’re wasting time,”
The rude nurses continued, “Aunty, card na wan thousand o. WAN THOUSAND!” they hammered. “Hope una get the money?”
Obiajulum lost it at that instant. “Are you two insane?” He moved away from where they were and made to yell—doctor—as the nurses told him he wasn’t around, and he and his wife yelled. “What?!”
The blood was still dripping when a woman walked in and saw what was happening.
She shouted at the nurses and asked for the boy to be taken in, while she requested his parents stayed out.
The woman was an angel in human form. Turned out she was the wife of the person who owned the hospital, and a doctor herself.
“She’s really heaven sent,” Adanne breathed a sigh as she thanked the Lord.
“Can you imagine what would have happened if she hadn’t come?”
Adanne looked at him. “I don’t even want-” she stopped, turning fully to him. “Hon, what really came over you back there? I’ve never seen you so mad before.”
He remained quiet
“Are you not going to answer me? You almost killed our son. What were you thinking?” she scolded quietly, trying not to disturb. “For a moment there I thought our son was dead. Please don’t get angry like that again. Okay?”
Obiajulum’s mind was far from there.
The operation was successful and the couple couldn’t stop thanking the doctor and her team for a job well done.
“We can’t stop thanking you, doc. All of you. We’re really grateful.” The couple were assured their son was going to be fine.

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