Welcome to South Africa

By Mairo1:

The sun
Smiles upon the brow of the beautiful Cape.
God loves them all, in the multi-colored tango of their shades of skin
Where accents exotic mingle and tingle the clicks of indigenous South African!
Welcome to the rainbow nation!

This is the land, this is the cape
Welcome to the golden savannah
Welcome to the tropical garden of bliss
Welcome to a valley of wonders
Where the eye can roam
And never have its fill.

Welcome to the valley of a Thousand Hills;
The brooding Twelve Apostles decorate the shoreline with a religious crown.
Table Mountain – altar of the gods
Where visitors dine while gazing down on the frolickings of men and women.
The Lion’s Head looms in royal limbo.
A grizzled Sentinel rears its hulk over the little fishing village of Hout Bay.
When the mist shrouds the terrain like a bridal veil
These rugged hills, like shy brides, often duck behind billowing curtains.

Welcome to Mzansi!
This is the Cape:
A throne
Of valleys, hills, streams, and oceans
That has seen the beginnings of time.
A kingdom of flora
Where the proteas exalt in bloom.
The winged butterfly
Weaves its magic in the Klein Karoo.
The eagle angles in flight.
The bulbul, the blackbird, the sunbird, the cuckoo
Astute in song, fling abroad their melodious verse
As they confer to you the secrets of the land!

This is the Cape:
A story
Told by age-old Constantia vine-yards.
The darling buds of Kisternbosch- a ravishing spectacle of ancient blossoms-
Vie for their place among the world’s seven botanical wonders.
Victoria& Alfred Waterfront – where tradition co-mingles with modernization in a divine cultural explosion.
Robben Island- where the human spirit triumphs over all obstacles!

Welcome to the jungle of Africa!
This is the Cape:
A poem scribbled on horizons of sunburnt laughter;
A eulogy of dancing Hermanus whales in primeval rupture.
This is the land of the elegant antelope, the rhino, the giraffe, the elephant, and the hippo.
The leopard leaps for prey in Tsitsikama’s foliage.
The shimmering white lions of Sanbona are our pride.
The Barbary Cape Lion, with his black mane, will mesmerize you.
Here, even the unsightly vulture and misshapen hyena
Can spellbind you still with their unruly charm.

Well this is the Cape,
Welcome to the African drumbeat and Bushmen rock paintings.
Welcome to the song that swells with the ocean tide
An ode
To the city that mothered a rainbow nation.
A circus of splendor resplendent with
Emporiums, aquariums, museums
Historic harbors, snow-capped mountains
Sun-splashed beaches, seaside mirth, fireside story tales
Barbeques, cuisines, casinos, curios
Game views, bay views, labyrinths
Boatrides, bike rides, cable rides
Boathouses, chalets, lodges, hotels, treehouses.

Welcome to South Africa
Where the mystery, the intrigue, the legend
Is a reality!
Meanwhile, the vuvuzela sweeps the land in soccer-chant fever.
Welcome to South Africa
Welcome to the Cape!


Born and bred in Zimbabwe. Currently living and working in South Africa. A primary school teacher by profession but a Performance Poet by design. My father was a wood-carver, so I fancy myself a word-carver. To me poetry is life, therefore the purpose of art is to comment on the human condition.

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  1. Hi Jessy. Thank you for stopping by to read my poems and leaving a comment.

    To answer your question: no, I am not. I am Zimbabwean. I am currently living and working in South Africa. To tell the truth, South Africa has some of the most beautiful places and diverse people and cultures on Earth!

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