By Mercy Friday:

My Superman.

So beautiful and perfect.
His eyes always bright and filled with light, his smile made my heart flutter because when he smiles it’ll make you feel like the world isn’t perfect without him.
His aura is rare and unique.
He’s always surrounded by positivity and loads of pressure but yet he manages to keep everything together.

With the way he looked at me in the eyes I could tell he was afraid,hurt and broken.

How was I ever gonna reverse time? is there even a way to reverse time?
I mean if there’s a way I’d like to go back to when this didn’t happen.

I just came back from making some sales then I got a call from him at first I didn’t believe it was him I mean we’ve not talked in four months so I didn’t expect to get a call from him.
‘’ Hello’ He said with his sweet american accent .
When I first heard his voice after months I fell in love with him again. I felt this cold rush of air sweep me. What do you say love is again? Love is tricky.

‘’ Where are you?

‘’My house.
‘’ Can you come over to triumph, let’s talk I wanna see you and talk to your face’

‘Wtf!! Does he wanna talk about in my face , we could just chat’ I thought
That instant I wanted to see him too because I’ve missed him so much that I couldn’t even think of standing him up.

‘’ Okay! I’ll be there’. I needed to see him,
I needed to see his eyes and the way he looked at me I wanted to be sure I had gotten over him. But No!
I haven’t even forgotten about him in the past 93days I need to see him after all he is my Zeus.

Part 2 coming soon

Mercy Friday
Mercy Friday
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