Une histoire d’amour

By Abdul Quadri Oyerinde:

Une histoire d’amour
A lost soul
He lives but hardly talks
He is waiting for her
In front of this photo of former times
He, he is not crazy
He believes in it, that’s all
He sees her everywhere
No, nothing can hold him back now
Within all this, its quite funny!
He has two feelings-
One, yearning for her, her alone
Eke, yearning that she take his hand…
Follow the path to the omniscience, omnipotent, merciful
Why isn’t she?
Hold me tight
Next to you, I still dream
Yes, yes I want to stay,
But I don’t know how to love anymore,
Nah! The love of the merciful is at the acme
Why won’t you join me
Please, stop, stop
How much I regret, no, I didn’t want all this,
I would be rich and
And I’ll offer you all my gold
If you don’t care, I
I, I’ll be waiting for you in the port,
If you ignore me I, will offer you my last breath of life,
In my love story
My love story
Lots of bloke think we aint compatible
Buh I think it possible
Let’s make it feasible, visible
There’s me
There’s you
In here you be my paradis
In hereafter we both in paradis
Dans tout les monde
Nous voulons
ça va être cool

réfléchissez bien
A candle
Can illuminate the night
A smile
Can build an empire
And there is you
And there is me,
And nobody believes in it,
But love makes a fool turn into a king
Especially if it be for Allah
And if you ignore me, I’d fight again and again
It’s your love story
It’s the story of a life
Love story
Change is a constant
For us humans
We must
To be more humane
You aren’t self-deprecating
By changing for love
love makes a fool turn into a king, a Queen
Shouts of joy
And there’s me
And there’s you
And nobody believes in it,
Let’s be king and Queen!
Shouts of joy
Some tears, we’re going
We live in this love story
Love story
Love story


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