The Twittering birds of Nigeria will yet tweet

By Ifesinachi Okonji:


TheTwittering birds are not bounded in their countries by territory…
Timeless, the bird is always a carrier of songs from across boundless territories…

The Twittering birds though from different races, tribes and cultures are nevertheless bound in common by Twitter via which they sing their songs by tweeting.

The Twittering birds of Nigerian breed carry about songs of pains and bitterness suffered in Nigeria which songs her “King Bu and Prince Lie” seek to mask and suppress by muffling the voices of the birds, banning the birds from singing across boundless territories…

The birds are full of songs- songs of freedom, songs of good governance, songs of security of lives and properties… in a country where hyenas reign and killings, banditry, kidnappings, unemployment, injustice … are the order of the day.

You cannot shut the bird’s mouth from singing, for its multiple mouths spread across boundless territories…

And the birds sang: Take our mouths, oh King! We will yet tweet and retweet, borderless on the wings of a banned Twitter, flying through uncensored skies across boundless territories…

And the skies echoed: Take not the mouths of the birds, neither muffle nor suppress their voices, oh King Bu of Nigeria! For by law of nature, the mouth of the bird is her very life and her right to sing songs flying through uncensored skies across boundless territories is inalienable!

Ifesinachi Charles Okonji, Esq.
A Legal Practitioner and Doctoral Research Fellow,
University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria

Ifesinachi Okonji
Ifesinachi Okonji
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