By Jessy:


When the biting north wind blows the earth trembles
Swaying trees at its command
The smell of chaos ruling the night as innocent blood flows
Birthing agony at death’s rampaging feast!

Where the dark mistress dwells, a son of Adam and a daughter of Eve come matching in. Will they ever make it out alive? Or dead?!

“Mommy, where are you? I’m scared.” Little Tommy cried.

The sound of clattering pans jolted him, making him shriek. “Who’s there?!” he called, “Aunt Kiki?”.

A woman appeared in the dark. “Thomas? Darling?” Aunt Kiki’s voice rang.

“Aunt Kiki….”

“Oh, Thomas!” she cried. “I’m so glad you’re okay!” The sack-clothed lady heaved a sigh.

“Where is my mommy, aunt? I want to see her.” the little boy said.

“Your Mom won’t be coming with us, Thomas,” Aunt Kiki said in a sad tone.

“What do you mean she won’t be coming with us?” Tommy asked. “We can’t leave Mommy, aunt. You know we can’t leave her!” he got out of bed.

“Oh dear. Come on now. We must hurry.” his wicked aunt urged, grabbing his arm.

“I’m not going anywhere with you!” Tommy pulled away. “You’re not my Mommy. I want to go with my mommy!” He cried and ran out the door.

“Thomas! Thomas!!”

“Mommy?” Tommy froze. “Mommy!” he rushed towards her. “Wake up, Mommy! Mommy?” he continued shaking her with his tiny hands as she laid lifeless.

He rolled his eyes around, seeing the bloody carpet. “Huh!” he gasped. “What did you do to my Mommy?” he looked back at his aunt. “Why isn’t she moving?!” He asked, horrified.

“Oh, she won’t wake up now, love,” Aunty Kiki smiled. “Your precious Mommy is long gone.” A sinister smile sat on her lips.

The little boy was scared seeing her pull an object out of her bag.

“Awe. Such a sweet boy,”

He heard her say.

“Too bad you’re one of them.” her evil cackle got him terrified.

Taking out a bloodstained sickle, the middle-aged lady swung in his direction. “There’s no escape now, Thomas Huffington!!!”

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