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  I stepped outside, the leaves were on fire. My whole body,literally as I moved into the room again. I paced up and down the room, a worried expression clouding my face as I looked across where my daughter laid, totally helpless and pale.

  I felt really sorry for her…sorry that I wasn’t there to protect her; to be that mother she always wanted me to be. Oh, Jaden. Stay with us…stay with us, please.

  It’s been three days and still nothing. Not a muscle moved or even a finger. She shouldn’t be going through this…she shouldn’t be going through any of it, I winced, making towards her. I caressed her face, a tear rolling down my cheeks, as I graced her forehead with a kiss I hoped will yank her up.

  “I’m so sorry, my little girl. I’m really sorry,” I said to her, taking her hand in mine.

  I knew the apologies weren’t going to do anything, but my heart couldn’t bear the thought of losing my only daughter…my little princess.

  “You should eat something, you know.” My husband spoke. “You haven’t eaten anything yet and you being like this won’t make the situation any better.” He said, taking his hand off the door.

  The longest he’s ever talked since I arrived. Seems I’m not the only one blaming myself. “You’re finally talking,” I gave a faint smile.

  “Didn’t have a choice,” He shrugged. “You know, I’ve been thinking,” He moved closer. “Isn’t it time we told Jaden the truth?” He asked.

  I felt a burning sensation in my heart, “Charlie, no -” I made to talk.

  “I’m serious. It’s being sixteen years, Selene. Sixteen years, and I feel she’s ready for the truth, or do you prefer we keep it from her…until when?” He questioned.

  “She’s only a child. We just can’t. I…I still see my little girl and I just don’t know…”

  “Even I, but Selena we can’t keep up with this anymore. Sooner or later, she’ll find out -” He sighed, getting up. “You’re right. I really hope she wakes up soon.”

  “You’re worried about her, aren’t you?”

  “Of course. Something this great isn’t just some ordinary thing she can handle alone. You and I know that.”

  She drew her breath,”I know, and I know our little girl will handle whatever thing it is. I know she will…”


  I flung my eyes open, feeling the darkness around me. I’m trapped, I realized, trying to wriggle my body as it rubbed against a hard surface.

  A coffin, I breathed, my breath getting thinner…no air. I made to shout but was totally unable to as I laid motionless, panting real hard and sweating profusely, being enclosed.

  It felt as if my inside was on the brink of giving up, I just couldn’t…couldn’t breathe. I prayed silently, as I felt myself slip slowly into death’s grasp as the words “don’t give up” echoed in my ears.

  You’re strong…you’re strong, Jaden. I know you can do this…I know you can. Get up…get up. Get up!!

  The voice urged me on, though I had no idea where it came from, but I still heeded to, trying not to give up as the coffin flung open to my surprise, a hand reaching for me…

  “Jaden? Jaden….oh my God. Oh my God. You’re alive…you’re alive!” Mrs Hadley’s voice echoed in the background.

  “M-mum? Mum, where am I?” She winced. “My head…my head hurts so bad,”

  “Oh, don’t worry, baby. You’ll be fine. You’ll be fine, my love.” She said, embracing her, face soaked with tears. “My little baby. Oh, I thought I’d lost you so. God.”

  “How am I here, mother? I thought I was dead?” She muttered weakly. “And…and where’s Dad? Oh no, Dad! I should apologize to him right away. I should apologize to him. I’m really sorry…I’m really sorry.” She went on, trembling in her arms.

  “Oh, baby. Your Dad went to get some of your things at home. He’ll be back soon.”

  “Why is she after me? What did I ever do to her?” She asked, scared.

  “Who baby? Who’s after you?” Her Mum asked, cupping her cheeks.

  “The girl in white. She…she -” She went mute, averting her gaze, her eyes focused on the window. “Mum,” She called. “She’s here, mother. She’s going to kill me…she’s going to kill me!” She cried in terror, clinging to her mother’s arm.

  Mrs Hadley swerved, her eyes burning with fury.”You!”

  “You can see her?”

  “You slaver of the underworld,” She continued, ignoring her. “You demon of the night! I command you to depart…depart and leave us be!!” She scowled, her cross lifted in the air.

  “She’s mine. She’s mine!!!”

  The girl in white growled, transforming into a monstrous beast…ten feet bigger.

  She gaped, horrified, watching her Mum race towards it as it tore her limbs by limbs.

  She screamed in terror, watching the horrifying scene as she jumped out of bed, legs weakened as she managed to grab hold of the door knob.

  It’s jammed, Jaden panicked as she felt light, her body suspended in the air. “Please…please don’t kill me!” She breathed.

  “I’m not here to kill you,” It spoke. “You have something I need!” It snorted, tightening it’s hairy fist as she choked. “That’s right, little Eve.” He bellowed, swinging her out the window.

  I saw myself underneath millions of corpses, a loud scream eluding my lips; the strong malodor of death surrounding me as it blinded me, almost making me give up.

  Then came the voice, this time louder than ever as I felt strength gather up inside of me…strength I’ve never felt before.

  I pushed through…harder than ever.

  Stronger…like a hurricane.

  Unbeatable…like a phoenix as I rose, finally gaining stand, climbing to the top, thousands of gravestones encircling me like hovering heads.

  It’s all a nightmare, Jaden. All of these isn’t real, I tried to comfort, taking a deep breath as I inched closer.


  I stopped, seeing a red light glow not so far from where I stood; five hooded figures circling around it. I didn’t like it here. I didn’t want to stay. All I wished for was to be back home…where my mother and father were, and my brother, too.

  I inched closer once more, aiming to take a closer view as I went behind one of the gravestones, it’s body marked in blood, having the same writing I saw at our house. I shivered, trying not to make a noise as I took my eyes off it, paying attention to what laid in front; chants of victory coming from each, a bowl held in their hands…fire like I’ve never seen before burning like an inferno as it consumed them, the air reeking of their screams.

  “Jaden?” A voice called.

  I quickly turned around, “N-nana?”

  “You shouldn’t be here, Jaden. You shouldn’t be here!!” She shouted, a huge hurricane from nowhere sweeping me off.

  “Come on, Jaden. You can do this.” I heard, though unconscious as I felt life return back to me.

  I weakly opened my eyes, three eager faces looking down at me. “Mother? Father?” I muttered, giving a weak smile, my lips feeling chapped.

  “Yes, baby. It’s us.”

  “And Danny,” My little brother said excitedly as a tear rolled down my face.

  “Oh you guys. I thought I’d never see you again.”

  “Oh. Don’t talk like that, baby. Nothing will happen to you.” My Mum said to me, embracing me; Dad and Danny following alongside.

  We were caught up in a wonderful moment and I certainly didn’t want to let go of any of them.

  I couldn’t exactly recall the last time we did that, but it made me feel safe, happy, relieved…only my memories never came back.





  I’m sorry this chapter is a bit short, but I promise to make the next one lengthy. Love you…❤ (★^O^★)


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