The Poet Among the Rooks

By Mairo1:

Tonight the Knights sleep
Tomorrow we witness the plunder
As the faint-hearted weep
The bloodless battle, the mayhem, the thunder.
The sly cynical Pawns unflinching in bravery
Encroach into uncertain enemy territory.
Hear the silent tenacious hoorays
As Bishops reverently tend to their flock
Seizing up material in crisscrossing forays.
With immovable resolve as the Gibraltar rock
Irresolute Rooks sweep up menacing flanks.

Flaunting her flamboyance upon the ranks
It is the Queen we of all love
Her Royal Highness, salute her unlimited powers.
In his regal wisdom from up above
The castled King behind barricades towers!


Born and bred in Zimbabwe. Currently living and working in South Africa. A primary school teacher by profession but a Performance Poet by design. My father was a wood-carver, so I fancy myself a word-carver. To me poetry is life, therefore the purpose of art is to comment on the human condition.

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