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No one knew the things innocent Sofia did. When everyone was away and the whole place was dark, the crawling kitty would wander deep into wet land 😮

There was a time I thought “orgy” was a word people uttered for fun. I would laugh at how funny it was and how heavy it sounded whenever I pronounced, sticking out my tongue and making use of it however liked. It was until one day that I went online and looked it up. Finding its true meaning, I saw other many things, getting aroused by the view, as my hand trailed down to the very spot I least expected it to be, unleashing an inner beast 😖😖

Summer camp was fast approaching. I just couldn’t wait to go and be far away from home.
“Hey Soph!” called my best friend and class mate, Rachael. “Getting ready for summer camp?”
I said with arms spread wide. “You know I’m ready.” I grinned and took out a bottle from my pocket.
“Getting stoned already, I see?” she grinned, eyes staring down at the bottle in my arms.
Rachael was the only one who knew I always carried that. I dreaded telling mom about being on drugs. I preferred she never knew.
“You should get lots of those you see,” she suggested. “You’d be needing them while you’re away.”
I took out a pill and placed in my mouth as I got the bottle shut, not saying a word. Although it was a wonderful idea spending the summer with loads of them stuffed in my bag, I wanted more rooms for my toys, and even the ones I was yet to buy.
“Packed your things, hon?”
“Yeah, mom.”
The morning of my departure seemed no different from other mornings. If not that I was going to be away, far away from home and scolding eyes, I wouldn’t be bothered having it marked ‘special’. “Rach, let’s go.”
We went into the car, Rach and I, Mom driving us all the way to Hattle Tow.
“You think Mrs Serious Face would be there this year?”
Mrs Serious Face was the one-eyed Nurse at camp Hattle. Her real name was Querella Eveston, but the serious face she wore stole every bit of her name.
“We’re here.” Mom said to our hearing, the car pulling to a stop.
“Ready when I say…”
“Ready!” Rachael hurrahed before I could finish.
“Traitor!” I called to her, half serious, getting out as we made to the back of the car.
“Mmm. Will miss you.” said Mom as she looked at us both.
I knew what she wanted to say next. I didn’t want to go hearing it, not with Rachael beside me. “Um, Mom. Rachael and I will take it from here.”
Rachael looked at me, and then at our suitcases that laid in the trunk.
“Yes we will—” I mouthed in a way she could comprehend, and she nodded, while Mom stared with suspicious eyes.
“Is there something you girls are not telling me?”
Rachael smiled in her usual way, placing down the rest of our luggage on the ground.
It seemed she was more excited than I was. I could tell by mere looking at her. “How are you excited about this year’s camp?” I whispered, interested on knowing what plans she was making this time.
Mom was already on her way back to Hill Ville. Rachael and I walked and talked as we made to where the rest of the camp kids were.
“If you’re not telling, I will make you.”
She giggled like a little child being handed lots of candies.
“Spill it—”
Rachael blushed with her right palm held over her mouth. “It’s Jay.”
Acting surprised, in which I wasn’t, already knowing it had something to do with a guy, I asked her who he was, and what made him so special.
“He’d be camping with us.” She answered just how I had wanted.
“So this Jay…”
We were interrupted by two roguish boys. “Where’ you girls headed?”
Their rasp voice made me fume. “What does it look like?” I threw a warning signal with a roll of my eyes, as Rachael burst into laughter, watching them flee. “You’re so mean.” she remarked.
“I like being mean.” I accepted the compliment thrown, having my shoulders shrugged as we joined the rest of the kids.
We soon forgot all about Rachael’s hot ass and concentrated on the task in front.
We were to dine outside that night, but I had to steal away, so I could get right to what I had in mind and not die from being starved.
“You’re not coming?” Rachael asked, concerned, further asking me if I had caught a cold.
“No, I’m fine.” I convinced. “You go on.”
She smiled and left the room, a smirk getting ahold of my lips, as I leaped with joy, getting to my feet, as I made to lock the door. “This will be fun,” I said with my mind getting busy; naughty thoughts swimming just where I wanted them. “Ooh, it’s coming.” I shut my eyes and let my juices leak, alerting me and getting the beast fully up.
I knew staying back was the right thing to do. It’d have been disastrous being out there h**ny and wet, without having my fingers work themselves.
My mind roared to life on realization that my toys weren’t out, as I reached for one of my suitcases and got them laid out on where I laid. This would be an interesting one, the lust in my eyes shone, as I pressed my legs together, feeling my wetness ever ready to be touched.
Oh-an overwhelming moan soon got control, and I quickly grabbed a porno disk with the title SLUTTY HOTS, as I busied myself, having it inserted into my laptop; grabbed a vibrator, with a bulging head, getting in position as I trailed it down to my sex and plunged it in, jerking off to paradise.


No one knew about my life behind closed doors. I’d do this everyday, working my fingers out and having myself satisfied without a boy. I was simply straight, though I had never tried being with anyone, not as long as I enjoyed the pleasure I gave myself. When everyone was away, and the whole place was without light, I’d slowly wander into wet land, not caring if I hurt myself or bruised my V. Every time I was left alone, was a chance for me to have my onetime experience. This soon got the better of me, but it didn’t matter as long as I wasn’t been watched.
My life ever since had been this way. The life brought about my curiosity, leading to my decency being rubbed off. I was once that little girl. The innocent Sofia everyone loved, but was a monster not anyone could figure. I was a beast in human form, with a popped cherry and magic fingers working to have their mistress satisfied.
I could say that my journey into wetland had been such a splendid one, and I wasn’t so sure if ever I’d be able to get out.



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