By Jessica-Ken:

•••THE LAST•••

Jeremy and I watched as Hope and Care made to carry the body. Vincent already had the blood spattered on the stake. All Hope had to do was lure Klaus to where we were.
“So how are you going to lure him…?”
“It won’t be that hard,” Hope said.
Jeremy and I had our fingers crossed as she left. We got into position and waited until they came.
“Oh, I am so glad you decided to come…”
“Hope, I haven’t got much time. Where are they?”
Klaus was already with Hope. He had a serious look on his face and two mean brows that said, “Touch me if you dare!”
Klaus stopped to our surprise; he looked at Vincent and the latter started muttering some words.
“Hope, what’s happening?” Klaus looked at Hope. A migraine hit him hard as he held his head and groaned out loud. “I’m going to kill you!”
Jeremy shot an arrow in his back.
It was time for me to fulfil everyone’s wish. I knew I had to do it right, or else everyone would be dead.

We were on the verge of killing Klaus when Vincent stopped the spell. He released him, and he held my hand midair, further dislocating it. He pushed me to the side and had Jeremy thrown to the other side, before reaching for Hope. “Dad!”
“You’re going to witness what I do to those who defy me…”

…those were the last I heard 😔


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