By Jessica-Ken:

“The blood of the hunter?”
Jeremy volunteered, and stretched out his hand, as Vincent cut.
“…a witch?” Vincent did the same and cut open his palm.
Voom! The fire made noise.
“And… a hybrid!” Hope’s voice made us turn.
“How did you…?”
“I have my ways,” she winked at us. She made towards the fire and poured a drop of hybrid blood into it. “This should do,”
Vincent nodded.
“You’re so going to tell me how you got a vampire-werewolf blood without any difficulties.”
She chuckled and grinned.
Everything was in place, with the fire going in the air. “Aigba… me el… sci fch…!”
The fire made a swash sound, and a woman appeared right where it burned. “Katherine—”
Vincent smiled at us. “It is done!”

“So you mean to tell me that I have to die a second time?” Katherine asked when we were already seated.
“Yes.” I believed she was getting the gist.
“So all I have to do is die and have the world ridden of that bastard?”
Hope grinned at her.
“What’s that?” Katherine asked, noticing the smile.
The Bulgarian meanie relaxed and had her eyes fixed on us.
She was Bulgarian, all right? She had mentioned when we asked about her family. “The last I saw them…” could recount her words. “…1988. When Klaus killed them.” We felt sorry—
At least we knew why she hated Klaus. She loathed him more, and thought him ruthless!
“Oh, I’ll help you guys,” Katherine obliged. “What’s in for me?”
“You get to die a peaceful death,” Jer said.
“How’s dying a second time peaceful?” Caroline asked.
“Well, there is peace in that,” Katherine took no offence in what he said.
“So what’s the whole ‘dopple ganger’ thing about?” I asked, concerned.
“It means there are others,” Katherine replied, “ones who look just like me,” she said with all pride.
“So you’re telling me there are a hundred more like you?”
Caroline replied, “Just three,”
“Smart girl!” Katherine gave her a wink and got up.
“Well, enough of the chitchat,” Vincent hurriedly said. “We haven’t got much time,”
Katherine looked down at me and pleaded with tears in her eyes. “Promise me,” she said, “ that you’d search for my baby when all this is over.”
I got up from the ground.
I looked into her eyes, as though searching for something I couldn’t find.
She clasped my hands tightly, pleading with love in her heart. “My baby is all I need to be safe. And you guys…”
Vincent shoved a dagger into her back, and a stake… to complete it all.


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