By Marymartin Okoabu:

One week later I had to leave, for School just resumed. Aunt Efua become moody, telling me she would miss me. I will also miss her for she had become a senior sister to me. She told me I could move in with her and go to school from there since Unical was not far from where she stays. But I declined, telling her it would be stressful for me and the television will be a distraction to me. She later let me go after making me promise I will be coming every weekend. She gave me new clothes, shoes and bags and I couldn’t lover her less. I went to my place at 8miles where I had stayed for the break and took my remaining belongings and proceeded to the hostel.

Friday came, and after lectures by two, I made my way to aunt Efua’s house for the weekend. I took two change of clothes in a small bag and two of my notes to read. When I got to the house, aunt Efua was with one of her friend she had introduced me to before. She had the same fair, succulent skin and looked classy like aunt Efua. I went and hugged aunt Efua and greeted her friend who was sitting beside her.

“How are you darling?” She asked smiling widely.

I went in to have my bath and came out with a short and simple blouse. “What did you cook aunt Efua?” I settled on the sofa, adjacent them and crossed my legs at ankle.

“Go to the kitchen and see for yourself,” she smiled at me. I went to the kitchen and found the Afang soup she prepared.

“Wow me! It was a good thing I did not eat lunch. I took a good quantity and went to the bedroom with it. After eating, I thanked aunt Efua and went back to the room to watch a movie with her laptop since they were enjoying a show I didn’t like. Not long after I had settled down, the door to the room opened and aunt Efua’s friend came in.

“I am coming Benny,” aunt Efua’s voice drifted into the room.

“Okay,” I replied, not paying her friend who had come to sit on the bed any attention.

“What are you watching?” She asked. Her voice was too soft, just like aunt Efua’s, but it had something in it that I couldn’t quite point out. I turned the laptop to face her a little so she could see for herself, not stopping to wonder why she would leave what she was watching in the parlour to pick interest in mine all of a sudden. I went back to watching the movie, tuning out of what was happening around.

A feather-like touch brushed my thigh, but I ignored it thinking it was unintentional. Then the touch felt like a caress and I turned to aunt Efua’s friend, looking at her questionably. She smiled and continued rubbing my thigh affectionately.

“What are you doing?” I asked.
“It’s nothing,” her voice was becoming husky, as she moved closer, her hand moving between my thighs.
“What are you doing?” I sat upright immediately, pushing her hand away.
“Wait you will like it,” she rubbed her breast and moved her hand closed to the junction between my thigh again.

Chineke! My mind was all over the place as I quickly stood up from the bed, understanding what she was up to.

“Hey come on!” She stood up too. “You will enjoy it.”
“No, no, I am not interested,” I tried to act calm, whereas my heart was beating so widly. I went to the door and tried opening it, but found it locked.
Who locked this door? Aunt Efua’s friend was seriously rubbing at her breast and coming towards me. Was she trying to entice me? Or was this woman horny in front of me?

“Come on, I need to touch you,” she was breathing fast.
“No,”I tried opening the door again, but nothing. “Why did you lock the door? I need to go.” My mind reached out to call aunt Efua but remembered she said she was coming. Was this planned? A sudden realization hit me. Did aunt Efua leave for her friend to come here? Was she a …? I couldn’t complete my thoughts as aunt Efua’s friend was already on me. She leaned in to kiss me, but I pushed her violently away, suddenly gaining strength. They could lock the door, but they didn’t tie me down. I could fight my way out of this.

Shock was written on her face as she stared at me. What was even her name? I tried to remember but came out blank.
“Okay,” the woman seemed to get hold of herself, seeing that I was ready to fight her. “Let’s talk like adult.”
“No–there is nothing to talk about, I’m not into women. Just come and open the door.”
“Wait calm down, I will open it. But first hear me out. I really like you okay? And I want you for my girlfriend.”

I tried to keep the disgust from my face as I stared at her, but I’m sure it still manged to paint my face a little. Does this woman have no shame? Couldn’t she see I was not like her? How could she think I would consider…?

“I will take care of you okay. See it is nothing different from what you do with a man…”
Wow! She was teaching me sex now…
“It is even better, you won’t bother about pregnancy.”
Really? I’m done here. She might have seen the look on my face for she quickly added before I could interrupt her. “I will give you #50,000 and more, just say yes.”

That stopped me. #50,000 sounds interesting. If I say yes, I will be #50,000 richer, and more she had said. She might have understood the expression on my face again for she came closer and took my hand and led me to the bed. I followed of course, I wanted to hear more.

“Believe me, I will take care of you,” She reached for my breast and this time around I let her touch it, but stopped her immediately. I wanted her hungry for more.
“Wait—,” I moved back. “You will give me #50k?”
“Yes, now, and more. You will enjoy me and not need any man. She laughed. What was funny about that now? I thought. When did I tell her I have ever needed a man?
She quickly moved closer, cutting through my statement. I smiled, liking her wits. Two can play isn’t it? She grabbed my hand.
“Wait,” I stopped her again. “Send the money first, let me be sure first.”
She stopped and quickly got her phone. I told her my account number and she transferred the money.
“Wow! Thank you,” I smiled. She came closer again, trying to remove my top.
“See wait—I have not done this before you know, I— just give me sometime.”
“No–baby, I can’t wait.”
Oh mehn! I was now baby. I smiled inwardly as I stood up. “Please okay, I’m all yours now, so there is no point in hurrying. I stopped her as she reached for me. It was really fun watching a grown up lady getting horny, especially for me.
“Just come and open the door, okay baby,” I added. “We have tomorrow, we have forever, but not today,” I smiled at her. “I need some fresh air.”
“Okay,” she took the key from her bump short and opened the door. “But let me just put a finger…”
I smiled again and shook my head at her. “Just— finger yourself,” I quickly jumped out of the room.

Oh my God! I took a deep breath. What was that? Abasi mi! I looked back at the door, wondering if she was already touching herself. Olorun ma je! I left the door and my mind went immediately to aunt Efua, what was she up to trying this? Could it mean she was a lesbian too? All those looks, those things she had been giving me, were they all part of the plan? I shook my head. Maybe I was reading too much into this, maybe aunt Efua had where to go and her friend seized the opportunity to play. I went to the corridor and tanned myself. The door to the parlour opened and aunt Efua’s friend came out looking put together. She had changed to a skirt and blouse and carried her hand bag.
“I’m leaving,” she smiled at me and I smiled too.
“Tell Efua I couldn’t wait for her,”
“Okay,” I nodded my head.
“I will see you tomorrow so you can know my house.”
I kept on with the smiling face. “Come here,” she took me in for a hug and I hugged her back, trying not to gag at the same time. She pecked me on the cheek. I had to look around to make sure no one was watching when she released me, but we were the only one in the compound. She then turned and left.

When the gate closed after her, I began fanning myself again. Mehn! I need this fresh air. I had to act fast, I told myself as I went back inside the house, thinking of what to do. I didn’t know where aunt Efua was. For all I knew she could still be in the compound, lurking behind somewhere, waiting for her friend to be done with me. I didn’t know if she was for me or against me. I decided to check first. I went round the compound, and seeing no signs of aunt Efua, I quickly went in and took my bag. Thank God I had no extra luggages.

I stopped first, thinking. What if aunt Efua was innocent in all these, could I just take my leave like this? No, I had to. It was better than waiting for her return only to find out she was with her friend. It might be difficult for me to leave tomorrow. I could explain to her from the comfort of my corner in the hostel. I quickly locked the door and kept the key where she would see it and took for my life.

Marymartin Okoabu
Marymartin Okoabu

Chinonso Marymartin Okoabu is a creative writer who focuses on SEO contents and fictions. With more than two years experience in SEO writing, she writes articles for websites. In her spare time, she crafts short stories that explore life experiences. Her creative works have been published on different websites and Love Feast Magazine. She is the winner of the E C. Michael's prize for short stories, 2022.

Chinonso is a graduate of Human Anatomy from the University of Calabar.
She hails from Ibusa in Oshimili North local government area of Delta state.

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