The Days When …

By Whitney Wetosi:

The days when I could paint my lips
And walk around comfortably in public
The days when short dresses were my thing
Flaunting my hourglass figure as I walked
They were the days when I walked with my head held high
For I knew I was beautiful.

They were the days I laughed from my soul
Carefree and young
Burdened by so little in life
The days when I looked forward to every sunrise
For I went forth and conquered my territory each day.

They were the days when I was funny and witty, intelligent
A joy to behold
The days when I was not scarred,my spirit unbroken
My zeal for life unequalled by any.

Those days are now long gone
What exists are pictures to remind me of those gone days
Perfect moments frozen in time
Of the days when I truly lived,not barely existed.

I lost myself somewhere along the way
A little girl is inside me somewhere
Waiting and watching
Crying out for those days to be revived
The days when I nurtured the child in me
The days when I loved myself to bits.

Whitney Wetosi
Whitney Wetosi
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