TEARS: After The Kill

By Jessica-Ken:

  I felt life drifting out of me as I lay next to my bride, seeing her bloody gown.

  “Arabel? Arabel?” I called in a throaty voice, but she was still.

  I wanted to reach for her, to feel her once more and whisper in her ear, those words I had written down for when the time to recite our wedding vows came.

  “Time of death… 10:54,” it seemed like I had heard. I saw myself slowly slipping into the hands of death, my eyes shut and, lips bound.

  I could hear someone calling me. Only that I was weak to recognize the voice.

  A loud cry came jerking me, shooting me out of my little trance, as I stared wide away, seeing my parents around.

  “Stan?” Mom’s glistening eyes met mine. “Oh, son, you’re awake!” I could see the joy in her eyes as Dad came closer. “What-what happened?” I remembered suddenly, the tragic event; my bride being shot in front of me, and Helga pointing the gun at me. No—

  My world had crumbled.


  I became a walking corpse, a man bound behind doors. I wished for nothing else but to see my bride again—and that I’d be reunited with her, with our baby—in the Lord’s bosom.


A student of the popular Nnamdi Azikiwe university. A Human Anatomy stud—and a passionate writer, with the hope of one day making the world a better place.
~Authoress Ciara

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