By Jessica-Ken:


Chapter ✍❣ Seven


I was worried about her. And of course my baby. I’d rushed her to the hospital, informing Sylvia, who wasted no time alerting her mother.
I was feeling sore, regretting telling her about my engagement to the girl my parents wanted me to marry.
Helga and I had been betrothed right from when we we were little. Our parents wanted us for each other, but none of us wanted. Well, I didn’t want. Couldn’t say about her.
I was confused on whether to accept the baby or push through with the plans of getting married to my fiancée. Could things go any worse?


I was discharged the next day and I wasted no time paying Stanley a visit.
“So you think you can have your way and cast me away like I meant not a thing?”
“Don’t ‘Ar’ me, man! What do you take me for?”
“Oh, well, now you’re gonna call me that and act like we’re okay? Why didn’t you tell me that you were engaged? Huh? Why didn’t you tell me before I went giving you myself and thinking you really loved me?”
“Of course I do.”
“I doubt!” I felt miserable.
Having to think that nothing I said would matter or change the fact that he was engaged—hurt me more.
I couldn’t recognize the man that was standing before me. His expression was vague… and without meaning; all I thought was how I wasn’t able to see the monster contained inside.
“Arabel, can you please just hear me out? You’ve been ranting and not letting me say a word. Like—”
A lady moved in and I rolled demon eyes at her. “Who are you?”
Stanley shifted from me.
“So this is how you want it?” I couldn’t believe it. All this time I thought I was in love with a human… not knowing he was a worthless wolf stuck in sheep’s clothing. “So this is really how you want it?” I picked up my bag and made to leave, as he made to stop me.
“Let her go,”
I threw the lady another look, walking out the door, as I bothered not looking back.

✍So, what do you guys think? Should Stanley push through with the wedding or accept the baby? The comment box is open for y’all 🤗


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