By Jessica-Ken:


Chapter ✍❣ Six

I watched him s–k slowly on my curved, smooth breasts.
Having him lead me on, he tucked at my nips, grazing their front, as he ran down lightly, making to feast on my enlarged, fruity m—d; as I shut my eyes, wanting to feel the whole of it; a deep sigh escaping my lips, as my mouth tightened at the feel of his tongue near my tasty c–t.
“Am I doing it right?”
“Just right,” I moaned, not wanting him to stop.
I watched him withdraw just in time before my juices came out, groaning, feeling his hot poker fit into my hole; a gasp escaping at the feel, as I threw my head back on the pillow, letting him do his thing until his h—y clock ran out.


I was scared I was doing it wrong; I never thought I had it in me.
Watching her make soft sighs and moan at every single stroke, made me not want to pull away—feeling my excitement build, part of me wished to withdraw, but another part kept me in, making me pour every bit of my possession—inside, as I slumped—then she sighed.
“D-did you…?”
“Yes.” I already knew what she was going to ask.
“I’m not on pills,”
I looked at her, seeing the fear in her eyes. “Don’t worry,” I made to assure. “You won’t get pregnant.” I lifted myself up as I made to kiss her.
Having to think of impregnating a woman was one I dreaded.
I got dressed and had her putting her clothes back on, as we kissed again.
Feeling that love that was never there, I got my lips back, being already charmed, as the sound of the door interrupted—and we pulled away.



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