By Jessica-Ken:

I was going to whisper in his ear and make him not want to pester me. “Ollie, you need to stop,” I said, and pulled away.

I asked Sylvia to follow me, as we walked to the ‘Great Hall’, stopping halfway, as she scolded. “What was that?”

I sighed and folded my arms.

“No, really. What was that?”

I sent a strand of my hair backwards. “Look, Sylv…”

She cut me short. “You really do know how to make someone angry,” she continued to walk.

I knew I had made her angry with the way I hugged my ex. I was feeling emotional, not to deny—hugging him in a bid to whisper, was the only way I could think of.

“Sylvia, you can’t be mad at me,”

She wore a deadly glare. “Can you not talk to me?”

I was shocked.

I knew how mad Sylvia could get, but this? I’d never seen her get so mad, to the extent of wanting to shut me out


I wasn’t going to talk to Arabel until she got back to her senses.

Hugging her ex in front of me? How rude?

I was starting to see her for what she was.

A blind lover girl—

A boy-chaser!

I was going to distance myself and get my hands off anything that had to do with her.

All this time I thought I was protecting her.

Only to be taken as a fool!


Sylvia was clearly ignoring me. Countless times I tried to talk to her she did as if it wasn’t me, getting me hurt and all vexed.

I wanted to tell her how sorry I was—hugging Oliver was a big mistake.

“Sylvia, please don’t go!” I was finally able to have a word. She was on our way out, when I held her back and stopped her from leaving. “Sylvia…”

“Are you done?”

I said, confused. “I can’t believe you’re mad at me…”

“Well, I am.” She looked at my hand. “Can you please take those hands off me?”

I made to hug her. “Sylvia, please don’t be mad at me. You’re the only friend I’ve got.”

She pushed me roughly as she let go of the door. “Don’t touch me.”

I was shaken, expecting the least.

Watching her leave, I groaned with lips sealed. “Sylv, why making this hard?” I walked back home, feeling unwell.

Having Sylvia not talk to me was tortuous and hurting.

I dragged myself to my room on getting home, tiredly running my hand on the knob, as the image of a guy caught me as the door gave way.


I couldn’t believe he was the one standing there.

He raised his hand, partly, giving his usual smile, as I asked with brows raised, “What are you doing here?”

He replied, “I came to see you,”

“Why?” I walked to my bed and sat down, folding my arms. “Did Sylvia tell you anything?” I suspected it to be, and he laughed. “No.” he made to sit beside me as I pulled over.

“Heh. Not a decent way to visit someone, huh?”

“Yup, but no harm done,” I waved it aside. “So, um, how are you?” I felt nervous a bit, shoving the feeling off, as we started a convo. I got to know so many intriguing things, knowing the kinds of adventures he’s had, having seen the world, gleefully wishing he wouldn’t leave. “Gosh! I wish you could stay and tell me more. Quite an adventure you’ve had.” I said, longing to hear more.

It felt nice having him around.

Blushing unnoticed, I tucked a strand of my hair behind (a habit I had come to love), having the urge to kiss him, as our eyes met.

“You’re beautiful,” I thought I heard him say.

“I am?” I blinked, slamming myself inside. Get your head straight, girl! I ignored, making to kiss him, not able to hold it anymore.


I had never kissed a woman before; this was my first.

I pulled away breathlessly, surprised at how easy it was.

Getting our lips locked again, we wrestled, breathlessly; lying fully on the bed, as we made to take off our clothes.

“Wait.” I remembered suddenly. We don’t have a condom, I thought and looked at her.

“What’s that?” she asked.

I shrugged the thoughts off and gave a half smile, not wanting to ruin the mood, as I helped her remove the one thing shielding us—

Damn. It was so easy. Y’all think Arabel made the right choice?

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