By Jessica-Ken:

I was feeling sad about what mom did to Oliver. Part of me wished I could talk to him, and even hug him. I was tearing up—Sylvia noticed. “Your eyes,” she said. “What’s wrong?”
I went from laughing to crying—not the profuse one—the light.
“I’m okay,” I looked away to avoid making her stress. Mom followed, and I snapped. “I said I’m fine!” I angrily made for my room which wasn’t so far from the living room, banging my door, as I tossed myself on the bed immediately.


I wanted to see Arabel again; to tell her how sorry I was for everything. I know I hurt her. Many times I couldn’t stop regretting that I hadn’t fought for our love. It was undeniable knowing I couldn’t make do with her not being around. Arabel was the perfect girl—always been, always will be. I regretted walking out at the slightest chance. “Argh! Why do I feel this way?”

Oliver was having such a hard time getting Arabel off his mind. He tried to focus on school and move on.
Not being able to accept the fact that he had lost her, he took up his phone and made to text her, remembering the embarrassing scene that her mother had made and let out a sigh.
Dropping his phone, he wished there was another way, searching his mind, as the thought of her friend eluded.

“I was thinking you…”
“Thinking what? Sylvia gave him no chance. “You know, you really have some nerves showing up…”
Oliver made to stop her.
“Don’t touch me!”
Oliver withdrew.
“I could punch you right now, you know that? Dismantle that face of yours and have you wishing you never crossed my path!”
Oliver exhaled. “Sylvia, please listen to me…”
“Why?!” she asked.
“ ‘Cos I need you to help me with…”
Sylvia spoke again. “You’re still here?” she bit her lower lip. Oliver was her friend; she had liked him once—but now—she hated him. “I swear, Oliver, if you don’t leave—”
Arabel joined— “What are you doing here?” she had sighted him from afar.
Oliver made to touch her, and she said, “Don’t even think about it—”
He read her expression.
Clutching his bag, he made to leave. Arabel caught his hand, not wanting him to go, as she moved into his arms, leaving her friend speechless.


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