SHORT STORY 2 – Little Little

By Jessica-Ken:

  In a little cottage lived an old woman and a little boy. The little boy would always go down to the river to play, bringing home lots of fruits and making his grandmother wonder where he had gone. One day, the old woman asked when he returned home with some fruits all laid out in a basket. “These fruits you bring, son,” she spoke. “Where do you get them?”

  The innocent lad smiled and said, “My friends close to the river always give them to me, grandma,”

  His grandma grew inquisitive more, asking him to take her to them. “I’d like to thank those friends of yours,” she wanted to see for herself.

  The little boy took her to the river and there she met two tiny elves. “Elves, grandma. They’re elves. Don’t be scared.” The little boy said to her when they got there.

  “Are they the only ones?” the old woman asked as her grandson crouched.

  “It’s okay. She won’t harm you.”

  The elves gibbered and a portal opened, as a world appeared.

  “Welcome to Wilverin, grandma,” Four elves appeared from the portal as he said.

  Gigiri—the elves’ voices rang as they led them into the portal.

  Tiny houses surrounded them and even tinier houses stood in front of them. “The Chief Elf’s house is the one in front, grandma. He’s got the littlest house alongside.” the boy said.

  His grandma only marvelled as she looked at the little houses around. “Is this why you never come home on time?”

  The little boy nodded and said. “Little little, that’s my reason.”

  His grandmother understood not a thing.

    Little 😘

If you want me to write amazing stories for your kids, I’m available 😁
Kids are my favourite and I do everything to make them happy 😉


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