Rebecca Liddicoat: Everything You Need to Know About Robert Griffin III’s Ex-Wife

Rebecca Liddicoat formerly known as Rebecca Griffin was the former celebrity wife to Robert Griffin III, a former football quarterback player.

She became popular after her marriage to the famous football player. Although she tried to keep her life away from the public eye, she naturally caught the public’s attention as a celebrity wife.

However, her divorce from Griffin also attracted a lot of attention. And while there’s not much information about her personal life, this article will provide all you need to know about her.

Keep reading to find out more about Rebecca Liddicoat: her career, family, net worth, age, and relationship with her ex-husband, Robert Griffin III.

Rebecca Liddicoat’s Biography

A photo of Rebecca Liddicoat and Robert Griffin III

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Rebecca Liddicoat was born to Edward and Laura Liddicoat on the 13th of August 1988, in Boulder, Colorado, USA. She is 5 feet 10 inches tall and the younger of two children. Her elder sister is Lindsey Liddicoat.

Their parents raised them in a Christian home and they spent a lot of time travelling together.

Rebecca attended Copperas Cove High School, in Texas. After graduation, she furthered at the private Christian Baylor University, Texas, where she majored in Biology and obtained a degree in 2010.

Also, during her time at the University, she served as the president of the Chi Service Club.

In 2009, while at the University, Rebecca met Robert Griffin III, who later became her husband. They got engaged a year later then married on the 6th of July, 2013

The couple welcomed a daughter two years later. However, the marriage crashed in 2016 with a divorce. 

Rebecca now lives her life as a businesswoman with her daughter.

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What Does Rebecca Liddicoat Do?

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Rebecca majored in Biology at Baylor University, Texas. However, there’s not much information about her career and professional life.

She reportedly worked as a financial analyst after college and later at a pharmaceutical company as a sales Rep before her marriage to Griffin.

During her marriage to Robert Griffin III, Rebecca was described as a homemaker. However, after her divorce, she has not disclosed much about what she does. It’s believed she runs an undisclosed business.

What Is Rebecca Liddicoat’s Net Worth?

Rebecca’s net worth is pegged around $2 million as of 2023. Most of her wealth comes from her divorce settlement with her ex-husband.

According to several internet sources, she received a settlement of $1.1 million, which was half the value of their mansion. 

Also, the court granted her custody of their daughter, and she’s to receive the $36,000 monthly she had requested for child support.

However, there’s no information on whether her ex-husband fulfills this part of the settlement.

In addition, she has not shed much light on what she does and earns after her divorce.

Rebecca Liddicoat’s Family

Rebecca lived with her family; her parents, Edward and Laura Liddicoat, and her sister, Lindsey Liddicoat. She traveled to different places with them while growing up.

Her parents are both retired US Army sergeants, who served in different places. Rebecca Liddicoat’s mother is a toxicologist, while her father’s profession remains in the dark. Her sister had worked as a maid of honor.

After graduating from the University, Rebecca Liddicoat married her University sweetheart, Robert Griffin III, and started her own family in 2013.

They met in 2009 at Baylor University and started dating that same year. The couple got engaged in 2010 and got married three years later.

Unfortunately, the marriage ended three years later in 2016 after the couple had welcomed a daughter, Reese Ann Griffin, in 2015.

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Rebecca Liddicoat and Robert Griffin III

Rebecca Liddicoat and Robert Griffin III married on the 6th of July, 2013, at the Denver Four Seasons Hotel after dating for four years.

Robert Griffin III also known as RG3 is a former American football quarterback who played in the NFL (National Football League) for eight seasons.

He played for three teams; the Washington Redskins for close to four years, Cleveland Browns for a year, and ended with the Baltimore Ravens in 2020, playing for three years. Also, he had played for the Baylor Bears during college.

The couple met through a mutual friend at Baylor University, Texas, in 2009, where Rebecca studied Biology. Robert was a college football player, while she served as the president of Chi Service Club at the University.

According to Rebecca, his fashion sense did not impress her. However, eventually, he won her heart and they soon started dating.

In 2010 he proposed to her after a game against Kansas State in front of families and friends. They married three years later. Robert’s football teammates and Baylor’s head coach graced the ceremony.

After their marriage, the couple lived what seemed to be a beautiful life to the public. They welcomed their first child together, Reese Ann Griffin, on May 21, 2015. 

However, this seemingly beautiful marriage crashed the following year. Rebecca and Robert separated on August 16, 2016, and the following month, Robert filed for a divorce.

Along the way, it was revealed that Rebecca had discovered that he was cheating on her with Grete Šadeiko, a track athlete he met on Instagram a few months after their daughter’s birth.

Rebecca, who had allegedly wanted to save her marriage, was shocked when Robert filed for a divorce. 

After the divorce, following a court settlement, she received full custody of their daughter and half the value of their Texas mansion, which at then was worth $2.2 million.

Meanwhile, shortly after the divorce, Robert became official with Šadeiko from Instagram, tying the knot in 2018. They have three children together.

A wedding photograph of Grete Šadeiko and Robert Griffin III

Source: Instagram

On the other hand, Rebecca Liddicoat has moved on with her daughter Reese Ann. 

How Old Is Rebecca Liddicoat?

Rebecca Liddicoat is currently 35 years old. She’ll turn 36 on August 13, 2024.

Rebecca Liddicoat Today

There’s not much information about Rebecca Liddicoat following her divorce from Robert Griffin. She’s believed to currently run an undisclosed business and takes care of her daughter.


Rebecca Liddicoat’s story is not strange in the celebrity world. Being wife to a famous American former football quarterback, Robert Griffin III, she had lived a quiet and comfortable life as a housewife, despite the public’s attention.

However, her marriage came crashing down in 2016 following a messy divorce. After the divorce, she gained full custody of their child, and since then has lived her life as a businesswoman.

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