Pain in Light

By Stephanie Mbachu:

Pain in light

Waking up everyday
Ought to be a miracle
Yet it’s not
I be living in a mirage

The struggles
Heal my soul from crumbles
The meat on my table I wouldn’t get without tears , pain torments and struggle

The color of my hair
A replication of my hustle
Every time I stumble
I be counting my blessings as though double

Pain in light
The story not cleared
Simply undefined
My light definitely will shine
That’s fact one can’t deny

Upon life’s shuttle
Will I paddle
Until my light shine bright
I won’t settle
Then I be turning my pain to light

Stephanie Mbachu
Stephanie Mbachu
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  1. Extremely wonderful…. Pure description of life of an average man in Nigeria and Africa.
    More ink to your biro
    Go make papi proud

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