Orantimi! (Chapter two)

By Daviel:

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“Ekasan, baba Fadegeshin! (Good afternoon, Fadegeshin’s dad!),” Mr. and Mrs. Awodare chorused.

“Ah! Eyin eyan mi (My people), what brought you to my abode this virgin afternoon?” baba Fadegeshin said.

“Baba (Daddy), it’s nothing big oo,” Mr. Awodare said.

“Oyah, speak to the hearing of the oracle,” baba Fadegeshin said.

“Mmm, baba (daddy), I had a dream…” Mr. Awodare said.

“Wait! You went to the market to make some purchases. However, as you were returning back home, you saw a bird monger who sells birds. Among the birds was a Canary which you so much loved. You wanted to purchase the canary bird, but you were told that another personality had already paid for the bird. To cut the long story short, you later got the canary bird,” baba Fadegeshin narrated.

“Yes, orator! That is what brought us here, Mr. Awodare said.

“The oracle doesn’t lie,” baba Fadegeshin said.

    The herbalist took three cowries from a partially broken calabash and acceded to some incantations.

“Mmm, the oracle said your wife would conceive very soon,” baba Fadegeshin said.

“Wow! This is flabbergasting!” Mr. and Mrs. Awodare chorused.

“Beeni (Yes). In the dream, you collected what rightfully belongs to you, despite the uneasiness tied to it,” baba Fadegeshin said.

“What is the next phase of action now, great one?” Mr. Awodare said.

“Go home! Make preparations for the arrival of your baby boy. What has been given has been given,” baba Fadegeshin said.

“Wow! I am euphoria. So I am becoming a nursing mother very soon?” Mrs. Awodare said.

“Yes! We are becoming nursing parents very soon. Father, what shall we offer to the oracle now?” Mr. Awodare said.

“You don’t have to worry about that now. After the birth of your son, you can then come and make the oracle placated,” baba Fadegeshin said.

“Okay, great one. We want to be on our way now,” Mr. Awodare said.

“Go, and return with your bouncing baby boy soon!” baba Fadegeshin said.

“Ama ri yi, baba (We shall see you soon, father). Odigba (Goodbye),” the couple chorused.

    Mr. And Mrs. Awodara stood up from the bamboo-made bench they were sitting on, they wore their two pairs of shoes and walked out of the shrine.

    One-day, as Mrs. Awodare was tidying up the hut on a cool Saturday’s morning, she slumped.

“Eeeewooooo! Somebody should please help meeee!” She said.

    Two men heard her voice and rushed into her hut.

“Mrs. Awodare, what happened?” one of men asked.

“Aaaaiiiiiii! Please, take me to mama (mummy) Omololu, the mid-wife, I am feeling some moves in my belly,” Mrs. Awodare said and grimaced.

“My friend, let’s take her to Omololu’s mum, I guess she is in labor,” one of the men said.

    The two men took Mrs. Awodare to mama (mummy) Omololu and returned to their homes.

     When Mr. Awodare returned home in the evening, he was ushered to where his wife was. The curious man, with no hesitation, rushed to the mid-wife’s house.

“Mama Omololu ooo,” he called out.

“Taani yen oo (Who is that oo?)” the mid-wife said.

“Awodara ni oo (It’s Awodare oo). I was told my wife is in your custody,” Mr. Awodare said.

    The mid-wife tied a wrapper round her waist and close to her shoulders, she walked out of her hut.

 “Yes! Your wife delivered a bouncing baby boy hours ago,” the mid-wife said.

“Wooooooow! I am the happiest man today. How about my wife?” Mr. Awodare said.

“She is asleep. You can come for her and the baby by tomorrow’s morning,” the mid-wife said.

“That is okay by me, ma. Eseun mama Omololu (Thank you Omololu’s mum). May the gods continually reward you for your magnanimities,” Mr. Awodare said.

“Ashe oo (Amen oo). Odaaro (Good night),” the mid-wife said.

“Orun ire lao sun oo (We shall sleep well oo),” Mr. Awodare said.

    Mr. Awodare walked home jubilantly, thanking the gods for their benevolence.

    The next day, Mr. Awodare rushed to the mid-wife’s house. He returned back home in company of his wife and bouncing baby boy. The home of the Awodares was rented with smiles and euphoria on the arrival of the couple’s first child. All well-wishers were trooping into their hut to felicitate with the good-gestured couple. The birth of the Awodares’ first child was commemorated with a ceremony where the baby was named “Orantimi, Awodele and Ajayi.”

    The couple later scheduled a time to visit the herbalist in order to show their appreciations. When the couple reached the herbalist’s abode, they eulogized him and gave him gifts which includes goats, oil, salt, money and sundries.


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