By Jessica-Ken:

Kendra Umaro meets Taiyong Jong-su in a fancy restaurant, unaware he is a mafia out to eliminate her!



Chapter One ✦

I walked on the sidewalk, heading to Chang. Changson restaurant was the biggest Chinese restaurant in Litsen. I loved it for their fancy services-their noodles I loved to eat.

My hands were tucked in my trouser pockets, my face cap slammed on my head as I walked in, signalling to the waiter. “One chicken noodles, please,” I sat down and waited for it to be brought, my phone out on the table, itchy fingers making to swipe as my mind prevented me.

“Here’s your chicken noodles, ma’am,”

I raised my head and nodded slightly at him. “Thank you,” I said and went to eat. Digging my fork graciously into the side of the tasty fried chicken, I thought with a smirk-hello there, I cut out some parts with the knife I had raised and brought my mouth closer to savour the taste.

___Jong ☆

“Kendra Umaro, daughter of the vice president of the United States, seated in Changson restaurant with no bodyguard-how strange. She was our main target. Taking her down was the only way to get to her family. Wait. Why is she looking towards this side? Bulging eyes moved in my direction. “Oh!” it sounded as if she said, then her head came down.


Kendra Umaro walked out of the restaurant after footing the bill. She maintained the position she did while walking into the restaurant, hands tucked, cap on. She walked until she got to a lonely part of the street. There she found a child weeping on the ground. “Oh, there, there. Where are your parents?” she asked. “Why are you out here alone? It’s not safe.” She crouched to help the weeping child up-the child’s ponytails sticking out behind. “I want my mommy,” whimpered the girl. “Where is my mommy?” the little girl sobbed.

A man stood at a distance watching them with his gun out. Ready to aim, he raised his gun to a level that’d eliminate his victim. No, stop! Something in him made him lower his gun.

“Your mommy?”

He observed from where he stood.


Kendra took pity on the child and lifted her so she could stand. The child’s legs wobbled and she held her still. “It’s okay,” she clasped her hand, assuring her. “Everything’s going to be okay-”

The child nodded and followed her.

Kendra and the girl walked the lonely roads at that time. A jolting ring came from her pants pockets and she realized it was her phone, making to pull it out, as she mistakenly swiped the answer sign. “Kenny, where are you?” it was her Mom. “I’m at your house. Come home… now!”

Kendra hesitated to put the phone to her ear. Scoffs-she hung up on her. The young lady had gotten her apartment when she was 21, with the plan of living a normal life and not having her mother’s status disrupt her everyday life. Her mother had prevented her from doing as she wished, but Kendra being Kendra knew just how to get her way and go doing however she wished.

This is the one reason I wanted to leave home. Mom-a motorcycle sped past and stopped in front of them.


Kendra clung to the little girl at the sound of the gun. “Please… don’t harm us!” the mouth of the gun stood in the air; their attacker was masked and clad in a black overall.

Pua-another gunshot came and the motorcyclist shot at them. He missed and was left with no option but to flee. “Are you okay?”

Kendra raised her head at the voice. The man from Chang, she recognised. “I-I’m okay,” she stammered as she stared into deep brown eyes.

Jong helped Kendra to her feet. “That guy… who is he?” Kendra asked. She didn’t expect something like that to happen at that time. “Some street loser, I guess?” Jong replied as Kendra looked down at the child and back at him. “Is she yours?”

Kendra nodded affirmatively. “Yes,” she caressed the child’s hair.

Jong pretended not to know that she was telling a lie. He smiled graciously at the child and shrugged partly, accepting it.

“We’ll take it from here,” said Kendra as they reached Hilbreeze. “Thanks for walking us halfway.” She carried the child and turned into the street


He looked strange, no doubt. What was he doing on 44 Avenue, with a gun and at the same time with the attacker?

Goddamn you, Kendra! Something grasped my mind, halting me to a stop. I didn’t ask for his name, the thought of it corroded me from the inside. I looked back to see if he was still there but found an empty street instead.


Ring-ring! The sound of my phone jolted me. “Did you find her?” A voice came in at my thumb’s command.

“No,” I chose not to admit.

“You know, Hakeem’s told us everything,”

I gulped at the sound.

“I got my eyes on you, Jong. The whole Pisces does.” The call ended as I threw my phone on the ground and stepped on it. “Fuck you, Gabriel!” I spat. I was going to do this my way and not even The Pisces could stop me.

The Pisces were known to work for a special organization. It comprised 10 able men, all out to do dirty jobs. Jong had come in contact with them at the ring. There they introduced themselves and invited him-then he became a member of the gang.

• * *

Location: The Pisces Hideout ✍
Time: 10:15 pm

The front door opened to reveal a sweaty man with heavy pants. “What happened?” asked five of the team as they drew closer. “What’s with the sweat?”

The clad overall man burst into laughter. “I got you, guys!”

One slapped his head. “You’re an idiot,”

The clad overall man laughed and said, “Ain’t seen nothing. Did boss get my message?”

Another of The Pisces replied. “Gabriel already sent it.”

Gabriel emerged as though hearing his name. “Ruuah!” he kicked the wooden chair close to the door to their surprise.

“Gabriel, what’s wrong?” asked the guy who went by the name Louis.

“One simple task…”

“I almost had her, Gabe…”

Gabriel didn’t let the clad overall guy finish before he took him by the collar. “One simple task, Hakeem! How could you let her get away?”

“Taiyong was also there!” Hakeem shot back with two angry eyes.

“Rah!” Gabriel let go of him. He kicked the chair angrily again and rubbed his jaw as the tip of his tongue rubbed the inside of his mouth. “That Jong is a fool,”

The whole gang admitted. “He is.”

Gabriel moved back into the room and Hakeem cursed under his breath.

Kendra got to her apartment and met the States officials who worked for her mother, outside. Her mother’s PA was out on the lawn, with a file stuck in her pit. “The vice president would like to speak with you…”

“You can just say my mother,” Kendra cut her short.

Her mother’s PA motioned to the door. “Thank you,” Kendra bit her bottom lip and went to answer.

She found her Mom already seated on the sofa, with a look she understood imprinted on her face. “Kendra, where have you been?”

She let out a heavy sigh. “Outside,” she brought her arms together.

“By this time of the night?”

She protested. “I’m a grown woman now. You need not worry…”

“Oh, hell, I would!”

Kendra scoffed and slumped on the sofa not far from the lampstand.

“Who’s the child with you?” Her mother’s eyes went to the girl she had with her.

“No one you should be concerned about,”

The vice president’s eyes widened. “Kenny, I’m still your mother…”

“A mother that doesn’t understand when her daughter needs to be left alone?”

Kamila stared agape. “You know, you’ve been naughty these days…”

“One reason you shouldn’t be here,” Kendra shrugged and got up from the chair. She ignored her mother’s call and went upstairs where she had the girl fed to a plate of cereal she left in her room and had her shower, ready for nighttime.

“Now, why don’t you tell me your name?” Kendra urged as she got her new friend in bed.

“Penny,” the child’s eyes glistened. “Please take me to my mommy. I want my mommy,” the little girl began sobbing again as Kendra pulled her into her arms.

Kamila listened to the sobs as she made to knock on Kendra’s door. She knew how passionate her daughter could be. Kendra hasn’t changed a bit, a smile eluded her lips as she worked on the doorknob. “Hope I’m not interrupting anything?”

Kendra looked up to see her mother standing at the door. “You can come in,” Kendra said and looked down at the child. Penny was still sobbing, and Kendra scared she was going to develop a fever.

“Here. Let me help,” Kamila volunteered as Kendra stood up and she replaced her.

Penny soon fell asleep in Kamila’s arms and Kendra wondered how she had done it so easily. “How did you…?”

“Mothers know how to make a child drift right off to sleep,”

Kendra smiled. She missed her mother so. Their mother-daughter bond she wanted to have again. Her mother noticed this, the smile on her face, and she, too, smiled, looking down at the sleeping child as the image of little Kendra possessed her mind.


Kendra thought about the man that had saved them from the guy in the mask. If he hadn’t shot that gun maybe they’d have been dead. Those deep brown eyes she couldn’t get off her mind. The way they clashed with hers and how he had helped her up. “Are you okay?” his voice rang again as she shut her eyes and tried not to think much about it. It was so hard to sleep with the image of him plastered in her mind like chewing gum gummed on a wooden desk.

Kendra rolled and placed her hand on the girl beside her. Penelope, she thought about the name the girl had given. That should be the full inscription, she smiled. There was something about her that kept her glued and wanted her to help her. She thought about the girl’s mother and wondered how she could be so cruel to leave her daughter out alone, by that time of the night, to the mercy of predators that walked the night. Poor soul, she thought with a brief smile before she sniffed. Helping her was all she thought until the image of the fine young man came in again.

Pisces Hideout
12:17 ✦•

“Garr! Seems like he isn’t coming today. Machete, have you called him?” A husky red-haired fella asked impatiently as a dazed skinny boy replied, “Huh?”

“Argh! You’re always confused!” the red-haired man felt like punching him. “I’m talking about Jong. Listen here,” he drew closer to say. “If you’re going to give me a hard time while training you, you might as well scurry off.”

The lad trembled. “I-I’m sorry,”

The red-haired fella slapped him slightly. “C’mon, act tough!”

“Y-yes, Sir,”


Major turned at the call.

“What’s it now?”

“The boss would like to have a word,”

Major looked at the boy and spat on the floor. “Clean that up!”

“Y-yes, Sir,”

“B-O-S-S, you idiot,” he corrected.

Major!” a sturdy man appeared in a huff.

“Spikes-” Major looked down.

“You know how impatient the boss is yet you let him wait,”

“Will go answer him now,” he left at the halt.

Spikes was the third member of The Pisces and the most feared of them all. He was deadly, and could gut anyone who dared challenge him-this gave him the name Spikes, for he was terrifying.

• * *

“Boss, you called,” The hidden room mapped out especially for His Royal Evilness lit up at the sound of the voice.

“How’s the recruit?”

Major answered with his head bowed. “He’s doing well, boss,” he bit his underlip at the sound of the reply he had given.

“Doing well?”


The black office chair turned to reveal a masked clad leather-padded man. “Doing well… you say?” angry head turned to the side and moving fingers grabbed a knife. “He should be better!” the metal blade aimed at the wall behind. “Well, what about Taiyong?”

Major dreaded making eye contact. “Jong-su? N-no word yet.” He stammered with one hand clasping the other.

“Call Hakeem!” the black chair rotated again. “Tell him we have a rat we must get rid of-”



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