By Marymartin Okoabu:

Nepotism is favouritism shown to relatives or close friends by those in power as by giving them jobs.

Divine-favour is an honour or blessings believe to come from God. It can also be said to be favouritism shown to someone as influenced by a Divine being.

Many of us condemn nepotism, of course due process need to be followed in every of our engagements in the family and outside the family, i.e the society at large. But have we stopped to think and ask ourselves thus; if power were to fall in our hands, will we do same?

Yes, we would be hurt if we stepped out for an interview, smartly dressed, greatly prepared, only to be stepped down and probably not called to the table because the interviewer saw his old friend and picked him for the job without interviewing him. Now ask yourself, what will you do if you were in that position? This might be a friend who has had great impact in your life in the past.

On the other hand, Divine-favour is a compound word most working class do not pay attention to, but obviously exist. Maybe if we are more keen to believing it exist, we would see nepotism in another light. Let’s take for an instance, a man who has prayed to his God for intervention in getting a job. He prepared as man would and stepped out only to meet an interviewer who was a brother to a friend’s uncle his father had helped one certain time. This man takes him in on the basis of what his father had done without checking his qualification.
This definitely looks like a crime on the surface, but looking more deeply, it’s just an answer to a young man’s prayer by a God who doesn’t follow due process. What’s your take on this?
Is nepotism really a crime? And are you sure you wouldn’t commit this crime if given the opportunity? And are you sure you wouldn’t rejoice and jump at an act of nepotism towards you and then call it Divine-favour?

Marymartin Okoabu
Marymartin Okoabu

Chinonso Marymartin Okoabu is a creative writer who focuses on SEO contents and fictions. With more than two years experience in SEO writing, she writes articles for websites. In her spare time, she crafts short stories that explore life experiences. Her creative works have been published on different websites and Love Feast Magazine. She is the winner of the E C. Michael's prize for short stories, 2022.

Chinonso just wrote her final degree paper and awaits the award for a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy from the University of Calabar.
She hails from Ibusa in Oshimili north local government area of Delta state.

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