By Jessica-Ken:

✍💘Jessica 💘 Duru ✍💘

Hazel showing up in front of my doorstep was one jolting move—and disastrous.
Walking in like she owned the place, she surveyed the area, rolling her eyes at me, as she shifted them to cut at Miranda.
“Baby, who is she?” Miranda made towards us. “And ooh, is that brownie I smell?” Miranda rubbed her hands with excitement, fixing her eyes on the girl, as she made to slip her arm under mine but stopped.
“You didn’t think you were dreaming all along?”
Miranda asked. “Hm?”
“You sure weren’t thinking that, were you?” a villainous smile took control of her lips.
Hearing the chandelier dangle, looking up at the ceiling, the chandelier moved and settled above Miranda, coming loose immediately as it broke free.
“Huhahaha!” Hazel cackled with all evil gaiety, seeing blood splatter on the once clean tiles.
“I’m only beginning,”
I gaped as she clenched her fists in the air, clamping me to the spot.
Trying to wiggle free, the box she held pulled open to reveal millions of roaches, coming right at me.
“That’s right, my pets. Go to daddy!”
I screamed, seeing them climb up; some finding their way to my ears, while some moving freely into my nose. “Ahhh!”
“I love the sound of tasty bloods—” I heard her say as I dropped on the stained tiles.

Hazel woke me up and I found myself tied to the dining chair—with Christmas lights.
“Christmas lights? Really?”
“Oh, baby, you know how I love the holiday tradition,”
I could only chuckle as she went on.
I was weak to think how I was able to survive the roaches invasion.
Remembering Miranda and the awful way she was squashed, a tear broke free, rolling quietly down my face as I gave a soft sigh.
She would have been spared if she was nowhere near me. This is all my fault.
“Oh, no, no, baby. It’s not your fault at all.”
I gasped, staring at Hazel. “How did you…?”
“Of course I can read minds!”
“But the author never made it that way,”
“Oh, there are some things you wouldn’t understand,” she said. “But there are some you need to know.”
I watched with brows arched. Seeing her move in the opposite direction, I wondered what she was going to do.
“Do you have a knife?”
I sat dumbstruck. “A what?”
“A knife. I’m sure you heard me right.” she said with teeth clenched.
“What—what do you want a knife for?”
“You’ll see when I get it.” She disappeared into the kitchen.
“Damn. There are some things I need to understand,”
“Found it!” she reappeared, showing me the knife she found.
“A butcher’s knife?”
She signaled to me to shush.
Getting my lips sealed, uttering no word, I watched her come to me, hoping she wasn’t going to use the knife on me.
Seeing her lower it, making it almost touch my face, I shuddered and yelled, holding my breath back, as she gave a mad laugh and withdrew. “You should have seen your face,”
I asked again, “What do you want from me?”
She placed a finger on her lips and thought with a hum. “Well,” she got her lips void and made to say, “I just really love tasty bloods that catch the eyes.”
“But I was nice to you,”
“You were being nice cause you thought you could get inside my pants.”
“Yes… Jacob. I saw the way you were looking at me.” she rolled seductive eyes at me, running her fingers on the edge of the knife. “Am I really attractive?”
I scoffed. “You? Attractive?”
She aimed the knife at my chest.
“I swear, Jacob, you really don’t know what you’re in for—” she said, making towards me, letting her shoes make click-clack sound.


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