By Jessy:

We burst out laughing at her ridiculous villainy entrance.

  “What’s funny?” She asked.

And with shoulders shrugged, and lips not moving, we ignored her and went back to what we were doing.

  “She’s a weird girl, I must say.” Daphne whispered to me.

  “I know, right?” I glanced over my shoulders. “Just take a look at her outfit.” I mocked, “So not classy at all.”

  “Uh, I can still hear you two, you know that?”

  I turned to face her. “And so what if you can?”

  “Trish -” Daphne struck her elbow in my ribs.

  “Ahem! Sorry.” I faked a smile and brought my head down.

  “So, um, who are you?”

  “Natalie – ” She replied. “Natalie Allen.” She said in full, and walked towards us with her right hand stretched out.

  I made no move of shaking her suspended hand as Daphne brought hers on it, shaking it delightedly.

“Pleasure meeting you,”

  I rubbed my chin with thoughts, pondering on her last name. It sure sounds pretty familiar. I clasped my fingers together and looked up at her again. “So, um, what was that entrance speech you made? You shooting a movie or something?!”

  “Trish!” Daphne poked me again.

  “What?!” I asked with arms stretched.

  “Do you have to be bitchy all the time?” She said in a low tone that sounded more like she was scolding me.

  “I only asked, you know?” I twisted my lips as the new girl’s noisy laugh filled the room.

  “But seriously, what was that about?” Daphne folded her arms as she asked.

Her sudden moves got me grinning inwardly. “Have you suddenly gone deaf?” My mean side sprang up again.

  “Oh, you guys are one funny peeps.” She teased annoyingly, and tossed her back on the bed – not just any bed, but mine!

  “Oh, you gotta be kidding me!”

  “You ain’t seen nothing, hon.” She chuckled madly as the door came open again, revealing a full grown man.

  “Hey, honey. You left this.”

  Daphne and I gasped at the sudden recognition of who it was.


  “Daddy?!” We both exclaimed, watching as the tiny waist girl embraced the black-suited man.

  “Are you seeing what I’m seeing?”

  “Oh, I’m seeing it, sis.” I replied, still in shock. “Mr. Wane’s actually here,” I tried to hold myself from losing balance.

  “Who knew they were of the same blood?” We talked amidst ourselves as the professor and his daughter walked towards us.

  “I see you’ve met my daughter.”

  “Yes, daddy. They have.” Natalie answered.

  Oh, she’s such a nosy-parker, I scowled inside, not catching the rest of Mr. Wane’s words.

  “Okay , girls. I’ll be going now.”

  “Awe. Why don’t you stay some more, daddy?”

  We watched as the two exited the room to our relieve, and the door slammed shut.
  “Awe. Why don’t you stay some more, daddy?” I mimicked, and the two of us began laughing. “She’s such an actress.” I said.

  “Oh, you’d better believe it now.”

  The new girl was a big problem to us. She’d bring in dozens of her friends into our room, and wouldn’t respect anyone’s privacy. She’d nag all the time, leave her clothes hanging on all corners, and would sometimes leave the door open for rats and all kinds of things to come crawling in. It’s a good thing our hostel was free of rats, else our room would have been their headquarters. Her attitude was getting really out of hand, and it seemed she was on a mission to frustrate our lives.

  “D, she has got to go!” I said to Daphne one day.

  “I know, right? I could barely sleep last night… not with all the noise.” She complained, the sleepiness in her eyes not hidden.

  “Me either.” I yawned also, the thought of having a good night sleep making me yearn for it so bad.

  “But there isn’t anything we can do.” Daphne sighed. “Her Dad’s the Vice Chancellor’s younger brother… and our lecturer as at that.” She reminded once again.

  “But it’s gotten too much. I can’t even feel my butt.” I rubbed my backside with tiredness, not forgetting to give a wince.

  “Guess we’ll just have to bear it.” She sighed again.

  “Another semester… another trouble.” I sighed alongside and looked to where my phone was.

  “I think someone’s calling you.” Daphne alerted as the light shone almost immediately.

  I stretched my hand and took it up, a name I never expected to see shining brightly on it. He’s finally come to his senses, I grinned and swiped the answer button. “Hello.”


Tricia’s always got the boys on her side. I wonder how she does it.

“Mm-hmm. Uh-huh. I see. So you’re not mad anymore? That’s good. Great, great. See you then.”

I couldn’t help but stare as she went on with whosoever that was calling. What’s so special about this girl that makes Philip love her? That makes him choose her over me? It just doesn’t make any sense. I should be the one with him and not her! He doesn’t deserve her. He doesn’t at all. I gritted as my fist tightened downward. She bid the caller goodbye and looked back at me, as I relaxed my face again, a fake smile concealing my emotions.

“So, um, where were we?”

“We were talking about how to get rid of her…?”

“Wachow, people. Guess who’s back?” Natalie’s voice brought me to a stop.

“Great! Her Royal Empress is back.” I said in a sarcastic tone, and muttered to myself. I wonder what she’s got in store for today.

“Guess you jolly bees missed momma.”

“Oh, please. I’d rather miss a caterpillar than you.” Tricia snorted at her words.

Never for once did I like her. Her attitude was becoming unbearable, and was left with no choice but to let it roll off my back. She had stepped over me many times than I could count—first taking my man from me… and, my popularity which meant everything to me. I’ve never been so dragged down until she came in. It’s all her fault I lost everything—everything I’d ever worked for! And now, I was going to make sure that I got them all back… if it’s the last thing I do!

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