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  Derek came to see Tricia the day after. He felt sorry for shutting her out all through the holiday after hearing all she had passed through, without him knowing all this time. He apologized for everything, and she forgave him knowing it wasn’t his fault.
  But the latter knew that she had to focus on her studies this time, and not just on the two boys. What happened between her and   James was a big lesson she would never forget—though she had learnt it the hard way.

  She was determined to make things right now, and promised herself that she wouldn’t let anything get in her way… all through her stay in Campbell.

  Back at home, a big storm was coming on. Mr. Parker had just read his wife’s diary, and now he feels she is hiding something from him—something she didn’t want him knowing of, getting him suspicious. He had found the diary lying right next to his business book up on Tricia’s shelf. And just as he was taking up the brown-cover book, the diary fell… and out came a white paper, which had caught his gaze.

  He knew the handwriting on it was no different from his wife’s, so this made him anxious, and got him picking it up so he would know what it contained.

  A name he had never expected to see got goosebumps all over him as his throat went dry at that moment. He read the words all over, leaving no line unread, and his heart felt as though it had just been pricked with a needle, as he gnashed and tore the paper into shreds—tossed the shredded piece into the wastebasket, and left the room, heartbroken.


  Raymond still hasn’t come back home. It’s so unlike him. I paced up and down the living room with uneasiness, as I feared that something bad had happened to my husband. I couldn’t understand why he would leave me in this panicked state without a phone call or even a message that he won’t be coming home. It’s being two days—has he lost track of time? Or has something bad happen to him? The negative voice kept ringing in my head, getting me more worried.

  “Oh, God. Please save my husband.” I prayed as the sound of the door got me beaming with smiles.

  “Ma’am. Ma’am. Ma’am.”

  My forehead wrinkled on seeing my housekeeper. “Josephine, what is this? Why did you have to barge in like that?”

  “Aunt, is uncle,” She panted heavily as I gaped at her, confused.

  “A-and what about him?”


  “He what? Josephine, speak up?!” I ordered frustratedly, with anxiety get control of me.

  “Uncle Raymond’s being involved in an accident.”

  “My husband?!” I shouted at that instant. “Y-you mean my Raymond?” I didn’t know what to do as my heart felt heavy on hearing the news. I pulled my car keys out from under the table and rushed out the door, towards the garage.

  I got my hand on the door of the first car my eyes came upon, and I got it open and got in, Josephine getting in alongside.

  All I thought about was Raymond, and prayed that nothing happened to him, else I would die.

  I’ve been so harsh on him these past few months, I thought bitterly, feeling really sorry for making it seem like he wasn’t wanted. If he’ll ever be able to get out of this, I promise to make things right—I promise, I sniffed as the thought of my husband being in a bad condition brought tears to my eyes.

  I asked my housekeeper how she had gotten to know, and she replied, “A newscaster had reported an incident on Milton street,” She said, “The plate number which was on the car was no different from uncle’s.” She added, “Was at Jaylen’s house then.”

  “Hold on. Did you say Milton?” I checked the GPS to be sure. “We’re almost there.” I looked at her and fixed my eyes on the road.

  The scene was already packed, with men in uniform securing the perimeter. It really is his car, I recognized, though in its awful state.

  Josephine and I came down from the car as we saw a man being taken into the ambulance.

  Raymond! I shouted and rushed towards the ambulance, as one of the cops blocked me from getting closer.

  “That’s my husband, officer. Please let me through.” I cried so bad, and he let me, making me able to get into the ambulance where Raymond was placed.

  “Raymond, Raymond, please stay with me. Raymond. Raymond, please don’t leave me. Don’t leave me!”

  “Ma’am, please stay here—” came a lady’s voice.

  I couldn’t tell who she was as my vision was blurred from too much crying. “That’s my husband,” I insisted on going in. “That’s my husband!”

  “Trust us, ma’am. We’ll do all that we can to save your husband.”

  Her words were not enough to console me, or even stop my tears from flowing. I watched as Raymond was taken into the theatre as the door came shut.

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