By Jessy:

Tricia’s always been the one that captured my heart, but she couldn’t see it. And I’ve always not been the one who could walk up to a girl and let out my feelings just like that.

It was becoming more of a torture to me, and I couldn’t take it anymore.

I loved Tricia, but I wasn’t sure if she felt the same way for me.

Right from childhood, I’ve always had a crush on her—the rich bratty kid whose parents never let her out. Though I didn’t understand why they called her the bratty kid, as she seemed nice, I still didn’t let it get my hatred on.

Tricia could be extreme, I knew. But when you get to know her, you’d love her kind of person.

She ran through my mind all day, as I couldn’t get my mind off her. I couldn’t help but wish that things were going to be easier than they looked, and hoped that one day she’d come to accept me.



Am I developing feelings for Derek? Oh, no! No, I can’t—I can’t let that happen.

“Guess who’s back?”

I turned around on hearing Daphne’s voice. Daphne! I glared, making toward her.

“What?!” she asked with arms spread.

“Don’t act all innocent. You’re quite aware.”

“Wait a minute. Why are you so mad at me?” she asked, with eyes bulged outward.

“Daphne, you’ve changed. You have changed so much! What happened to you?”

She jeered at my words. “Oh, look at you. You just say anything that comes to your mind. Not bad.” she shrugged, and walked to her bed.

I clenched my fists, furious that she was finding everything funny.

How could she change so fast? How was I never able to see her true colours?

I never really wanted to think she was the one behind it, but she’s giving me reasons to go on suspecting her—

“Do you still love Philip?” I asked suddenly, not thinking it through.

“Love?” she turned around, a smirk seated comfortably on her lips. “Oh, friend.” she chuckled, her fingers lifted to her mouth.

“Well, are you in love with him?”

“Why, yes. Oh, he didn’t tell you?” she gasped intentionally.

“Tell me what?”

“That he and I are back together.” she spilled the beans.

“You’re lying!”

“Of course not,” she shook her head. “Why don’t you ask him yourself? Besides, you’re the one always throwing yourself all over him cheaply.” she mocked. “Well, I got no time for cheap sluts like you. You can have fun interrogating the air.” she cackled, and walked out on me, with her head raised.

Philip’s been playing me? He’s been playing me all this time! I realized, feeling miserable and hurt. No! No, it can’t be. He wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t do anything to hurt my feelings. I know him. Phil will never do that to me. He’ll never do that—

I sobbed endlessly, for the one person I had gotten to love ended up hurting me…

“Phil, why didn’t you tell me that you and Daphne were dating?”

I got no reply.


“Because I knew you’d get hurt!” he shot back.

“And you chose to lie to me? How’s that any better?”

“Trish, please…”

“Oh, there’s no please here, MacKenny. You lied to me! Don’t my feelings mean anything to you?”

“Trish, please let’s not do this right now…”

“I want to do it.”

“Trish, just go. Go, please.”

“Now you’re asking me to leave?” I clasped my hands together, not believing he was the one throwing such words at me.

“Yes, Tricia. Please!”

I felt hurt hearing him say that. I couldn’t believe that this day would come—the day that I’d have to give Philip up.

I wasn’t ready for anything, but he gave me no choice!

I wanted where I’d get my mind at ease, and forget all that had happened. I thought of no other person than Derek. Talking with him would make me feel better, I sniffed. He would make me feel better.

I took the first cab I saw straight to his hostel… and luckily, he was there.


“Oh, Derek.” I rushed into his arms the moment the door came open.

“Hmm. What’s the matter?”

“Kiss me!” I said.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“I said kiss me.” I waited no more as I pressed my lips against his, making him unable to object.

He pulled away, staring into my eyes, as he pulled me in and closed the door.

He brought his lips on mine, more willing this time around, as his tongue lightly swept between my lips; his warm, soft lips nicely pressed to mine.

A soft moan escaped from within me in response to how he was making me feel. My body craved him as the tidal wave of lust churned within me, my primal needs now awaken—

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