By Jessy:

  I’ve been having this odd feeling ever since. It seemed like something wasn’t right, but I didn’t know what it was.
  I picked up my phone from my bag and dialed my mum’s number. Her voice rolled in at the third dial, and it got me worried because it sounded different.
  “Mum. Mum, why is your voice like this?” I asked inquisitively.
It came again, and I knew she was hiding something. And was trying to conceal it so I wouldn’t find out.
  “Mum, please tell me. Did something happen?” I asked again.
  And she said, “No, baby. Everything’s all right.” her voice trembled.
I could tell she was lying. Her voice alone gave her out. Mum always had this jolly kind of voice, but now it sounded as if she and dad had just had a fight.
  When will they stop?
  “Um, baby, how are you? Are you doing okay?”
  I heard her sniff on the phone, and it got me really worried.
  “Mum, are you really sure you’re okay?”
  “Yes, hon. Mommy’s okay.” she replied, assuring me.
  But I wasn’t still satisfied. I had to go see for myself, and was going to pay them a surprised visit.
  We spoke some more and she ended the call, assuring me that she’d call to again.
  All this time I forgot I was still at Philip’s.
  I couldn’t quite catch the kind of relationship we had. Were we best friends? Were we not best friends? Normal friends? I just didn’t understand the mutuality.
  I wanted more than just being friends, but it looked as if he wasn’t interested in the whole relationship stuff, so I didn’t bother pressing the issue.
  He asked me if everything was all right, and I gave a nod instead, not wanting to bother him about anything.
  Things were becoming pretty awkward between us, especially with him going solo.
  I didn’t want to have him panicking over anything that had to do with me, and I certainly didn’t bother about telling him, either.
He’s got his own issues, so I rather not add to it.

  The next day I decided to go back to Henson, just to be sure everyone was okay. I got home, only for our housekeepers to break the bad news to me about my dad being hospitalized.
  Having Josie take me to the hospital, we went straight off, and was able to locate the private room as we found him, still not awake.
Mum was no where to be found. And I wondered where she had gone to, and also why she had chosen to lie to me about my father being admitted.
  My heart felt heavy looking at him lying unconscious, and I couldn’t help but sob at the sight; his once smooth skin now pale.
  Why did this have to happen? Why did it have to be Dad? I kept asking myself, with no one giving answer to my questions.
  Mum came in some minutes later, and was surprised to see me. She moved quickly towards me, and got her arms wrapped around me, though shakily. I needed to be just there—her arms… which I’ve always longed to be…
  This shouldn’t be happening to our family. Dad shouldn’t be in this condition. I cried endlessly, looking to where he laid as the sound that came from the machine, drowned out the sound of my cry.

  Mum had me go back to school that same day. I got back to Marionette, my mind still not at ease, as I kept on calling, and hoping dad would regain consciousness at the same time.
  Two days passed, and there was still no sign of my mum calling. I tried calling her several times but she left my calls hanging, or sometimes had them on voicemail. I was starting to get really worried, and I grew sick in the process, knowing mum was still yet to call—and even if she did get to, she wouldn’t tell me anything, which she knew got me crazy!
  The thought of dad ran through my mind all morning, and even in class, I couldn’t take my mind off of him. I prayed constantly for my old man, with hope that he’d be back on his feet before the week comes to an end.

  “Tricia, there’s something you need to know.”
  I looked at Daphne in an odd way, noticing the sad expression on her face.
I got alarmed by it and dropped my bag on the floor. “What’s wrong?” I moved closer, anxious to hear what she was going to say.
  She made no utterances but embraced me, her heart beating wildly, as though she had run up a flight of stairs, twice.
  I stood dazed for a minute, not knowing what to say—as she released the four words that turned my world upside down!

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