By Jessy:

   We made love.

  Who knew that would happen?

  Derek and I… together? I certainly would have laughed if it was said…

  That day, I had loved the way he made me feel—the way his body moved in rhythm with mine, with his lips working magic on me; the erotic sensation of his flesh against my tongue quickening my pulses.

  “Love me—” I muttered many times than I could count, not wanting to pull away.

  I remembered telling him that I loved him, even though I wasn’t sure if I really did.

  It didn’t matter anyway. Using him to fill a void Philip had left? That didn’t matter, either, as I wanted him to love me back…to satisfy my flaring desire!

  “Do you regret doing this?”

  My fingers stilled hearing him ask. “No.” I replied coldly. I raised my head up to look at the clock on the wall. “I should go.” The time it struck got me alarmed.

  I stirred and got my naked body out of his arms, making to stand as he held me. “Thank you,” his melodious voice rang as the warm breeze blew.

  I nodded and turned, pulled my lips into a smile, and got up fully, so I could get dressed.

  “Where have you been?”

  “Excuse me?”

   What a pest I’ve got! I cursed inwardly, trying not to show my disdain. “Why are you asking me that?”

  “Was worried.” she got her arms folded and left for her bed.

  You are so getting on my nerves, Daphne Martinez! I gritted.

  “Hey, Trish,” a girlish voice rang behind me, its sound… coupled with the door coming to a shut, getting me fully aware.

  “Hey!” I said sharply and uttered nothing again.
  I walked to the bathroom, her eyebrows furrowed in suspicion as I slammed the door, not looking back!

  Daphne’s situation was really getting out of hand, I thought, half worried, half annoyed. What could have brought about her recent attitude? It’s so not like her! I couldn’t help but think.

  I was starting to feel uncomfortable being with her, and was having second thoughts about her moving in with me.

  I had gotten over the fact that Philip wasn’t mine, and was happy to know that I still had someone to cheer me up.

  The week we ought to have gone home, I stayed back, the Christmas spirit not being all that merry for me—it wasn’t all that nice being the only one not celebrating Christmas, but what was I to do?

  It was better off celebrating Christmas alone… than going home to an awful, painful memory!

  The subject, like every other holiday passed, and a whole new year came knocking.

  I had my new year resolution all set, and was glad to know that it won’t be long before Sophomore year flew in.

  The college students no longer talked behind my back, and even my popularity still stood.

  I was determined to make daddy proud, and I wondered what his reaction would be if he got to know about my little secret, which I was so eager to tell mum about—

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