By Jessy:

The latter’s heart beating like a drum*

I got discharged the following day and mum had me pack my things, so we could go home.

I didn’t know why she took the whole stuff serious, and the thing that got me even angrier, was the fact that she didn’t believe that I had nothing to do with any of it.

Her silence was killing me, and I couldn’t wait to get out of the car.

“Mum, will you quit it already. It’s been six hours!” I whined.

“Six hours. Good.” she slammed the car door and left me standing.

“Unbelievable!” I scoffed, and moved to the back of the car. “If she’s ignoring me, I’m not talking either.”

“Hi, ma’am Trish.” our housekeepers greeted as I walked in.

Mum was already seated on the couch, her eyes focused on the big screen.

She was still mad at me, that I could tell. And I couldn’t but feel bad about being the only ally there—mum, who ought to be comforting me, was the one being mute. I was also a victim. I lost my own child—Derek’s child! If I was ever going to tell him…

“Mum, you gotta believe me. I had nothing to do with getting rid of the pregnancy.” I brought the topic up again, the disdain in her eyes not hidden.

“Oh, really?” she stood up. “Now, why don’t you explain what got you sleeping in the hospital for a day?”

“That’s what I can’t say, Mum. I really don’t know!” I struck my palm, trying not to scream at her.

“Trish. My child—” she called, her hand placed on mine. “Tell me the truth. I want you to look me in the eye and tell me that you had nothing to do with killing your unborn child.”

I did as she requested, and said, “I had nothing to do with it, mother. Please believe me.”

“Then who must have done it?”

I couldn’t say. I was the only one present that day. And besides, why would anyone think of such? I haven’t done anything wrong.


“Mum, I don’t know. I can’t say, alright?” I rolled my eyes and clasped my hands together.

“Well, that settles it. You are not to see that boy again!”

I shouted. “Seriously, Mom?!”

“Don’t make me ground you, young lady!” she raised her voice.

“But Mum, I’m not a kid anymore. And I’ve got a libido.” I made clear.

“You better control it, then! What were you thinking having sex with someone you barely knew?”

I kept mute, not knowing what to say.

The doorbell rang, and Josie went to answer it.

“Is Lucille at home?”

The voice that had rolled in, got me still.

Mum and Patrick… together?

Seeing mum’s face turn pale, already answered my question.

“H-honey, go up to your room,” mum said to me, as though I was a kid they could bribe with a fancy candy.

“Mum, what is this I see?”

“Baby, just do it.”

“Oh, I’m not going anywhere, until you explain to me! What the hell is Patrick doing in our house?”

“Baby, words!”

“Mum, you’re so unbelievable!” I couldn’t believe it. “You’re going out with Dad’s coworker? Is that it?”

She threw me an angry stare. “Baby, please!”

“You shouldn’t talk to your mother that way, Tricia!” Patrick stepped in.

“And so what if I do?” I folded my arms and gritted my teeth. “What are you doing here anyway? Did anyone invite you?”

“Tricia!” hushed my mother.

And I turned to face her. “Mum, you really have to explain to me. Are you and Patrick together?”

“Tricia, I can explain.” she made to touch me, and I moved backwards. “I can’t believe you right now.” I unclasped my arms and rushed upstairs.

Awe. Poor Trishy poo 😪😪😪.


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