By JessyKen:

🦋💓🦋 THREE 🦋💓🦋

  I sat deeply engrossed in what I was writing and the loud chattering wasn’t helping the situation. I adjusted a little, a low moan escaping my gloss, wet lips.

  I shut my eyes partly, slipping them open again, and with a sharp roll tried working out where Philip was – The only friend I’ve made.
  I wonder where he’s at, I wondered, catching not a glimpse of him anywhere.

  I gotta admit, college was really different. A whole lot different from Bovillean – My former high school. There were so many people, so many culture I craved so much to learn, most especially the Mayan.

  “Oh, why can’t these assholes just quit it!” I mumbled irritably.

  I lifted my palms and with them, covered my ears, my eyes shut alongside as I tried so hard to separate myself from the unending noise that was always making me want to explode.


  I searched around for the pretty new girl I longed to see again. She sat all alone looking ravishing and calm. I walked towards her, not taking my gaze off.

  “Hey there,” I greeted, a magnificent smile eluding her lips.

  “Oh, hi. How’re you?” She asked.

  “Heh. You got no idea.” I joked, averting my eyes on the book that laid in front of her. “What have we here?”

  “Oh, just, you know, trying to cover up some things.” She replied.

  Her smile was perfect; Her oval face matching her perfectly pointed nose, alongside everything she had.

  “You got such an amazing smile.” I remarked.

  …Shit! Shouldn’t have said that…

  “T-thanks.” She shyly said, and we began talking like we’ve known all along.

  It felt really nice being around her and I couldn’t help but marvel at such unparalleled grace God has created.

  “So tell me, what have you been up to?” She asked, jerking me out of thought.

  “Well, nothing. I was just wondering if you could join me for lunch? You know, before the lecturer comes in.”

  “Lunch?” She paused for thought. “Bet that won’t hurt.” She managed to say.

  “Alrighty. Lunch it is.”

  At late afternoon, I went to see James. I wore a smashing, red, hot, sleeveless mini gown that partly revealed my sides and a blue fancy slippers to match,  alongside a light make-up. Not like it was of any use, but I certainly didn’t want to look unattractive in his sight.

  “Hi, baby.” I said happily as the door swung open, revealing a hot figure with a towel wrapped around his waist, and the smell of aftershaves enveloping my nostrils.

  He grinned, pulling me into his arms. “You made it.” He added, “Never thought you would.”

  “Well, why won’t I?” I laughed, feeling the coolness of James’ body around my warm skin.

  He shut the door behind, still not letting go as he began kissing me hungrily, without any pause. “Damn! You’re hot.” He breathed, slowly sucking on the side of my neck.

  I gave a soft giggle, “You certainly couldn’t wait, could you?”

  “You got no idea,” He laughed, slowly pulling the hands of my gown down as the enlarged part of my breast came in sight.

  He made to suck slowly on them, one hand trying to set them free from the partly loose bra which held them gorgeously in place. I yearned for this and if there’s anything I ever wished for, was for it not to stop – Never to end!

  I was stark naked, left in a world of lust and love as we made love, our bodies entwined at the mercy of the sheet underneath us: The atmosphere reeking of nothing, but the driving sweat birthed from our constant love making and lubricious body rhythm.

  I couldn’t return back to Marionette, not after the long day I had. So I stayed back, and my, we sure did have such an amazing night to remember.

  “Leaving already?”

  “Yeah,” I nodded slightly, turning backwards. “Will you, please?” I said as he helped me with my zipper.

  He made to kiss me as I put a finger across his lips. “No, baby. Some other time.” I added.

  “Awe, come on, just one more kiss,” He persuaded.

  “Oh, fine. Have at it…”

I walked through the narrow path, my earplug inserted into my ears, trying to distract myself from some thought. The thought of having gone in bed with James after I told myself I wasn’t – Again!

  Ah, Parker, I muttered and stopped, taking out my earplug as I rummaged in my bag for a free gum.

  I got it out, unwrapped it and took the whole in, allowing its sweetened chicle taste enclose my mouth. I began moving again, but this time, was held back by a strong grip – Who could that be? 🙀🙀🙀



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