By Jessy:

  I knew my mum was hiding something, and it won’t be long before Dad figured out.

  “So… Mr…”


  I heaved a sigh and tried not to be rude. “Yes. Mr. Nelson. Heard you work with my Dad.” I studied my mum’s expression as I said.

  Dad wasn’t paying much attention to her as he was so engrossed in his Chardonnay.

  “Well, yes. Started working with him recently, though.” He said, and I smiled.

  “Oh.” I looked at mum again as she motioned with her eyes so I won’t ask any further. “What’s wrong, Mommy? Is something wrong with your eyes?”

  A faint smile broke out on her lips as she said ‘no’.

  I need to what mission this Mr. Nelson of a man had in our house. What was his motive? Does he want to destroy mum’s marriage or what? My mind remained not at ease.

  I noticed Patrick kept on stealing glances at me, and I was getting pretty uncomfortable with him doing that. Does he find me attractive? Well, of course. Everyone finds me attractive, I thought with pride, my blush concealed. He’s hot, no wonder. But gross, mum should better not be doing anything on the contrary with this guy.

  The skies cleared soon enough, and we had nothing to fear as it was not going to rain again. Dad and his coworker left for the car, while mum and I dad stayed and watched the basket. I knew this was the right time to ask mum about Patrick, but I didn’t know how to, and was scared that dad will come in anytime.

  “Baby, your daddy is taking too long, don’t you think?”

  “No, why?” I asked suspiciously. Why was she being tensed over some coworker being with dad? “Is there a problem, Mom?”

  “N-no. I was just worried.” She rubbed her arms and sighed.

  “Oh. Well, if you want me to go check up on them, I will.” I spoke intentionally, knowing what her reaction will be.

  “Oh, that’ll be a good thing, sweetie. Go check.” She said to my surprise. Maybe she really isn’t hiding anything, I shrugged and stood up from where I was. “I’ll go now.” I said, and began heading to where dad was.

  There was no sight them of anywhere. Those two were really up to something, I gritted and crossed my arms.  I made to walk back to mum, knowing she’d yell her head of if I went looking for them without telling her, as a bird call made me stop. Not an actual bird, really. It was – Patrick! I groaned at the sight of him, a lighted cigarette stuck between his fingers. Thank God dad never smokes—some hooligan.

  “Hey, little…”

  “Hey! I’m 18, and I’m not little.” I growled at him.

  And he chuckled. “You really are your mother’s daughter.”

  “What do you know about my mother?” I stood with arms akimbo.

  “I know a lot.” He blew smoke in the air.

  Some guy, am I right? “Care to share?” I asked with idea, knowing he’d spill one or two. “What is it about you that I cannot understand?”

  “Oh, you will, sweetheart.”

  “Oh, my God. Did you just call me…?”

  “Oh, yes I did.”

  “Oh, you are so unbelievable!” A scowl took control of my face. Just who does he think he is? “Where is my dad?”

  “Oh, he’s coming.”

  “Oh… again?” I raised my brows at him, fed up with his ‘o’s’

  He laughed softly and drew closer to me as I moved backwards.

  “What are you doing?”

  “Oh my,” came his grin as he snapped a finger behind my left ear and pulled out a coin.

  “Whoa. How did you…?”

  “Magic.” He raised the silver coin to my face.

  “So now what? You’re a magician?”

  He frowned at the sarcastic question I threw at him.

“I’m sorry.” I maintained myself again, remembering he was our guest.

  “You are so pretty.” He complimented me.

  I didn’t know what to say or how to react. Why is he being so nice to me? I thought really hard. And how come he knows about mum that much?

  “You know, ever since you were little, your mum never let me close to you… even for once.”

  I stared in shock. “I’m sorry, what?”

  “She even shut me out of her life, and never even let me hold you for once.”

  I stood dazed, not knowing what to say. What message is he trying to pass? What intentions does he have? “I-I’m sorry, b-but I should go. Mum will be waiting for me.” I made to leave, and he clasped my hand.

  “Please don’t go. Stay with daddy, all right?”

  “What?!” I shuddered and took my hand from him. “Can you please stop this nonsense? People are watching.”

  I knew no one was paying attention to us, but I really wanted to leave this place – to get as faraway from him. Just who does he think he is giving himself the ‘Dad’ title?!

  “Please, baby. Stay with me. Daddy has missed you so much.” He continued, getting me even more embarrassed.

  “Can you please just let me go?” I looked at him with disgust, clasping my hand behind. “If you know what’ll be good for us both, you won’t bother throwing such nonsense in my face… ever again! Goodbye!”

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  I’m so sorry, guys. We have a mix-up somewhere, and now I can’t edit it and fix it in. Guess I’ll have to drop it under here so no one will miss any part. Check 👇👇👇

  Tricia. Tricia, can you hear me? Tricia!

  “So, baby, what’s that you wanna tell me?”

  “We have to end this,”

  “End what?”

  “This thing that we’re doing… it’s not just right!”

  “Not right? I-I don’t understand what you’re talking about. We’re not doing anything wrong, are we?”

  “Yes we are! A whole lot of people are going to get hurt if this continues. Let’s just stop! We can’t be together anymore.”

  “What?! What do you mean we can’t be together? Are you letting go after everything…?”

  “I-it’s not that. I just don’t want to be stuck in this. I can’t keep secrets from my parents. Please understand…”

  “Understand? Is this really because of your parents, or that little weasel you’re always following around?”

  “This has got nothing to do with him!”

  “Oh, it has everything to do with that insane brat! You think I don’t see you two? Oh, that bastard is going to pay for everything! And as for you… you are going to get it!”

  “J-James. James, stop! Stop it! James!!”


  Tricia shivered in fright, turning to her mother. “M-mum. Mum, I remember everything now -”

  “Here’s the glass of water you requested for, ma’am.” Ivy handed the glass to Tricia, and both mother and daughter thanked.

  “How are you feeling, honey? Does your head ache?”

  “Not really,” Tricia replied with a slight shake of the head. “I just have this unusual feeling… like someone’s trying to communicate with me.” She brought the glass closer to her mouth and took a sip.

  “Something?” Her mother rolled her eyes, and she continued.

  “I heard a voice – it was calling out to me like it was trying to tell me something,” She found it hard to swallowed. “Something I couldn’t understand,” She went on. “What does this mean, mother?” Her hands trembled as she questioned.

  “I don’t know. But what exactly did you see?”

  “James -” The image of her ex lover hovered in her mind.

  “You saw James?” Her mother’s brows arched up. “You mean James, as in the one that hurt you?” She repeated, wanting to be sure.

  “Yes,” Tricia answered shortly. “The two of us were arguing about -”

  About what?”

  She found it hard to say. “It wasn’t clear,” She lied, not willing to tell her mother what had transpired between them. “But I do remember him pushing me, and my head hitting the bedstead.” Her forehead wrinkled.

  “My God!” Her mother exclaimed. “No wonder Chelsea said she had found you unconscious, covered in blood. It’s a good thing she was there, if not -” She sighed with relief, as Tricia completed.

  “I’d have been long gone,”

  “Oh. I’m just so happy that your memories are back,” Her Mum squeezed her shoulders with delight.

  “Me too,” She yawned. “Mum, where’s Dad?”

  “He’s not yet back from work. You know father comes home in the morning sometimes.” She explained.

  “He still does?” The realization of her father still staying out late left a frown on her face.

  “Mm-hmm. You know how his work is. You should get some rest, my love. I know you must be really tired.”

  “Can’t sleep,” She crossed her legs on the bed.

  “And why Is that, huh?” Her mother caressed her hair as she asked.

“I just can’t. Been having weird feelings ever since.”

  “Weird feelings?” Her mother’s smile disappeared.

  “Yes. But you shouldn’t worry, Mum. I’ll be fine.” She made to lie down, as her Mum placed her head on her laps.

  “Oh, my. You’re so burny!”

  “Oh, Mum. There isn’t any word like that.” She corrected with a chuckle, and her Mum joined in.

  “OWell, come on, now. Let’s get some sleep.”

  “Well, that’s the problem, Mommy. I can’t even get my eyes closed.” Tricia complained.

  “Oh, come on, you. Just take your mind off whatever thing that’s bugging you. You need your beauty sleep, you know?” Her Mum reminded.

  “But Mum…”

  “Ah-ah-ahh. No more talking,”

  A creaking sound came at her mother’s last sentence, and she shuddered, ears twitching in the direction. “What was that?”

  “Oh, you. It’s just the door.” Her mother laughed. “Now, now, get some sleep. Bet you’ll be all better in the morning.”

  Tricia gave a smile. “Sure hope so.”


  I woke up to a tapping sound, and I got up weakly from the couch, not remembering how I had gotten there… or when!

  The faint tap came again, and I looked around, hoping one of the housekeepers would answer it. Seeing no one around, I dragged my feet with me and tiredly answered; a creepy girl standing on the porch with head bowed. “Um, who are you?” I asked anxiously as she said no word.

  Goosebumps flushed over me watching her walk in. I wondered how she was able to locate our house, and marveled at how bold she was walking in uninvited. “Who are you?” I asked again, this time louder.

  “You are not safe. You are not safe, Tricia…”

  I turned around and gaped at her. “I-I don’t understand. Wh-who are you and how do you know my name?” I asked, horrified.

  “I have no time to explain. He’s coming for you,”

  “Who’s coming?”

  “He is coming for you. Don’t let him see you. Hide. Hide!”

  My eyes stood open instantly as two worried eyes peered into mine. “Mum?”

  “Oh, sweedy. I’m so happy you’re okay.”

  I stared in confusion, letting her hug my sweaty body. “Wh-what happened?”

  “You passed out. Gosh! You scared me back there, sweetheart.” She spoke breathlessly, not letting go of me.

  “P-passed out?” My eyes widened. How could I have possibly passed out without knowing? The door bell rang, making me realize that I wasn’t in my bedroom. “H-how did I get here even?”

  Mum uttered no word, but asked Theresa to answer the door.

  “Philip?” I pulled out from her arms. “Philip, what are you doing here? I mean, how did get here so fast?” I asked simultaneously, having no idea what was happening. Is he okay? Why does he have that look on his face? I thought, noticing the sad expression on his face.

  “Tricia -” He said slowly, embracing me.

  “Wh-what’s wrong? Why are you sounding like this?”

  “Chelsea is gone…”

  “Wh-who is gone?” I stammered, not sure if I had heard him right. “Who is gone, Philip? I-it’s not Chelsea, right?”

  He said nothing but sobbed.

  “Tell me she isn’t the one!” I shouted and pulled away. “Philip, tell me Chelsea isn’t really dead. Tell me she’s not dead!” I wept convulsively until my vision blurred and there wasn’t any tears left to cry.

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