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  “Tricia? Tricia! Hurry up, baby. Today’s a big day for all of us.” My mum said shrilly.

  Her voice echoed so loudly from the living room and I feared it was going to bring down our storey building. She’s the paranoid one, unlike my dad who’s out working all the time. I can’t help but think he and work were created on the same day. He’s barely around. Most times, he’ll come, and then, go all again.

…So annoying….

  “Oh, Tricia,” My dad followed almost immediately.” Come on downstairs, Honey. It’s past seven already.” He announced.

  Argh!Why can’t those two just stop?It’s not like I’m getting married or anything. I sighed, rushing downstairs, my right arm clutching tightly onto my backpack.

  “Oh, there you are, sweet pea,” My mum said, embracing me warmly.

  “Mu-mum. Mum,you’re squeezing me”I heaved a deep sigh,trying to wriggle free. “Mum!”

  “Oh, you.” she chuckled, releasing me. “Mm, you look gorgeous, my baby.” She complimented sweetly, eyeing the red jacket I had on my tank top.

…Yeah, yeah. I do get that a lot…

  I was one average teen, a bit huge, and had really good, welcoming bosom and a smashing, hot booty to match, which shook rhythmically when I walked. Guess that’s the reason why the boys in our neighborhood never failed to steal a glance whenever I walked passed them – One perks of being adorable.

  “Thanks ma.” I giggled, snatching my box from Josie.

  Josie was our house keeper, a pigtailed, Browne eyed girl who seemed a lot quiet than usual. But that still didn’t make me like her. She was so gullible. And the fact she and I were the same age made me detest her more – Humph!

  “Hope everything’s all packed up, my sweet?” My mum’s voice came again. “Remember,you don’t wanna leave anything behind.”she continued, accompanying dad and I to the garage.

  “Mmm-hmm,”I  replied with a nod.

  “Oh, I’m really going to miss you, baby.” She sulked, embracing me.

  …Bluff!Such drama…

  “Ma-” I stopped. “Oh mummy. You know I’m not a baby anymore.”I laughed.

  “Oh, you. Do take care of yourself, all right? I know you’ll make your father and I so proud.” She smiled, caressing my cheeks.

  “And oh,” Dad cut in. “Always remember those advice we’ve been giving you. They’ll sure be of help.”

  “Sure daddy.” I affirmed, giving my lips a slight lick.

  “I can’t believe my baby’s all grown up,”

  “Gee,” I gave a mutter and turned to face her. “It’s just college, mother. I’ll be fine.”

  “I know, baby.”

  “Yo guys! Wrap it up. We gotta beat traffic, you know.” Dad interrupted, getting into the SUV.”

  “Oh.”we both laughed.

  “I love you, mum.”I said, getting in  right next to dad.

  “Oh, baby, mama loves you most.” She said, bidding us goodbye.

  Campbell! Ain’t it adobes?! I smiled within, shutting the car door.

  “You okay there?”

  “Never been better.” I replied with doubts. “Dad, do you think the girls over here will be better than ours at Henson?” I asked curiously.

  “I don’t know baby. Just try fit in, okay?” He said. “I know my little Sunshine’s gonna make us proud.”

  “You really think so, dad? I mean, what if I mess up?”I continued, clasping my box.

  “Oh, I know so, baby. I’m sure you will.” He spoke with full assurance.

  “Oh, thanks,daddy.”

  “Uh, honey, what about these stuffs you packed in here? Need help moving them ? They’re so heavy.” He laughed, taking the rest of my luggage out of the trunk.

  I faked a frown. “Why do you worry so much, dad?”

  “Why shouldn’t I? My daughter’s entering a new chapter, which I know would be-”

“Yeah, yeah, dad. I know.”

“Ha- Goody. Whew! Guess that’s the lot. Still need me?”

“Dad!” I yelled, my brows arched at him.

“Come on, baby, you don’t have to be like that.” He laughed, poking my sides.

I made to laugh, but took it all in, my eyeballs enlarged, sending him a signal he understood.

“Alright. I’m sorry.” He gave a funny chuckle, getting into his car. “I love you.”

“Love you, too, dad.”

  Marionette hostel was one gigantic one, and had really long stairs. And if one wasn’t careful, he or she could end up lost in the whole no-boys zone.

…Can’t believe it actually is…

  “Room 344.” I muttered, turning the doorknob.

  The milky painted room came in sight and I couldn’t help but marvel at how convenient it looked. I can’t say why I’ve got a nice feeling about this place – But loved it!

  I tossed my bag carelessly on the bed that laid in the middle, giving a slight shrug as I took out my MP-3 player and my phone, a gasp eluding my lips as I remembered James.

  “Damn! He’s really gonna be mad.”

  I gave a sharp slide on my phone, dialing his number swiftly. “Shit! He’s not answering.” I groaned.

  “I’m sorry, who are you?” A female voice came.

Oh, good Lord!

  “Ah. You must be the new girl Singer talked about. I’m Joan.” She said with a British accent.

  “Tricia. Tricia Parker.” I said.

  “Parker, huh? Any relation to the Brooklyn’s.”


  “Heh! Forgive me, dear. Welcome to Campbell. Be sure to have such an ecstatic stay here. I’m a final year student, by the way. Theater Arts.” She said at one stretch.

…Doubt her words ever have commas in them…

  I smiled. “Lovely. I’m a newb, which I’m sure you already know.” I said, my right hand suspended in the air.

  “Oh, right.” She giggled. “Newbies are always my favorite.” She smiled, throwing a wink at me. “Oops! Almost time.” she said, stealing a glance at her watch. “I’ll see you later, Roomie.”

  “As will I.”

             ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

🦋💓🦋💓 EPISODE TWO 🦋💓🦋💓

  I ran through the hallway, hotfooted, a groan escaping my lips. “Can’t believe I’m gonna be late.”

  “Whoa! Take it easy.” A calm voice came halting me as I quickly turned around, my eyes meeting with his.

  Such charming gray eyes, I thought, blinking simultaneously.

  He gave a welcoming smile, as my heart skipped a bit. “I’m Philip.” He said to me.

  I gulped, wanting to say something, but no words came out.


  “Oh, sorry. I…I’m Tricia,” I stammered.

  “What a lovely name you got, Trish.”

  “Oh, thank you.” I blushed, forgetting all about class.

  “My pleasure. Come along, now. Class’ this way.” He gestured, as I followed.

  Walking side by side with him made me nervous and I couldn’t fathom out why. Maybe he’s not human. Or maybe….Just maybe he’s –

  “We’re here!” He announced, a smirk dancing across his perfectly, curved shaped lips. “Welcome to LSAT hall. Come on in.”

The two of us walked right in, taking our seats at the middle row, neither of us uttering a word, as a white bearded man walked in.

  “That’s Professor Wane,” The gray eyes lad whispered to me.

  Feeling the warmth of his breath on my left ear, and hearing the softness in his voice made me wish he wouldn’t stop.

  “He’ll be taking us English Language, since Professor Shane isn’t back yet.” He added, much audible this time.

  “Oh.” I said.

I went about wondering how this one guy could make me act really nice – Nicer than ever before.

  We sat in silence, eyes focused on the screen, except for the fact my mind remained unrest, with the frequent glances I kept throwing at my new friend. He seemed to notice, as our eyes met, and a soft chuckle escaped his lips.

  My eyes glistened, and I felt a bit shy, thinking of the next move to take. “So…where are you from?” I asked, drawing invisible circles on my jean.

  “Britten hills,” He smiled. “Ever been there?”

  “Nah.” I gave a less sounding laugh.

  He paused for a moment, his lips slanted at an angle. “You don’t say.”

…Great! I’m sure he thinks I’m Psyche…

  “Well, care to tell me yours?”

“Oh yeah. I come from Henson.”

  “Henson, huh?”

  “Mm-hmm. Been there?”

  “Been there?! Girl, are you kidding me?” He laughed, his words, half a question. “I spent half my childhood there.” He added.

“No way!” I exclaimed lowly.

  “I know right? You know my mum and dad used to go to this rich resort…”

  “Gravantees?” I cut in, and his eyes stood wide open.

“Yes! That’s it!” 

“Small world.” I said ecstatically.

  The smile he wore slowly disappeared. “What’s wrong?”


  “All right, guys. Let’s call it a day.” Professor’s Wane’s voice echoed in the hall.

  Wait. That’s it? I questioned myself as I watched students exit the class.

  “Be right back.” Philip said to me as he hurried off in the opposite direction.

  A red-hair black girl, dressed in a mini skirt and a matching slender top gestured to him, and I felt an ounce of jealousy gather up inside of me.

  “Oh,” A soft moan escaped my lips and I instantly buried my head in my palms.

  “Hey there,” Came a soft tap on my shoulder. “Welcome aboard.” She said, coming in front of me. “I see Duchy’s showing around already. The name’s Chels. Chelsea Valentine.” The brown hair girl said to me.

She had a black leather jacket atop a stylish pink gown that partly covered her smooth, slender legs.

  “Mm? You mean….?”

  “Philip-” She smirked. “Saw you two come in.”

…Great! Maybe she’s girlfriend number two…

  “That’s Daphne, though. Daphne Martinez.” The brown hair girl continued.


  “Mmm-hmm. I caught you staring at them.” She giggled, moistening her lips.

  “Heh. I certainly wasn’t staring.” I shrugged, my conscience pricking me.

  “Oh, I won’t tell.” She winked. “Phil’s a great guy. We both attended the same high school.”

  Well, that explains a lot, I thought.

  I faked a smile, getting up. “Well, Chels. It’s being nice talking to you.”

  “Whew! I’m back. I’m sorry I took so long, Trish.” Philip broke in. “Oh, hey, C. You doing well?”

  “You know it!” Chelsea laughed as I averted my eyes swiftly.

  “So Trish, you ready to go?” Phillip’s question came.

  “Yes,” I replied laconically.

  “Goody. You coming, Chels?”

  “Ergh, I still got some things to do.” She smiled, throwing a quick look at me and back at Phil. Guess, I’ll see you two later.” She said to us as we bid her goodbye.

  The gray eyes lad and I walked side by side, under the warm airy breeze, the sun lighting our path as we walked on the less busy road, lined up with flowers and coconut trees, which made it such an amazing sight to behold. We chatted, and then I remembered we haven’t really talked about the one thing I was wanting him to hear him say.

  “So Phil, what happened back there in class?”

  Did I just call him that?

  “Sorry?” He stopped, confused. “Oh, you mean with the girl I was talking with?”


  “Oh, you mean before we got interrupted.”

  I affirmed. “That one.”

  “Well, it’s just family related. Nothing much.” He laughed, as we began walking again.


  “Yeah. I got none. It’s just me and my gran.” His shocking response came, and my legs stood stiffly.

  “T-they’re dead?” I swallowed hard. “Oh, gosh. I’m so sorry.”

  “Oh, it’s fine. I think this is where we part ways, Trish.”

  “Part ways?” I asked, a bit surprised.

  “Ha! Not that kind.”

  Thank goodness, I exclaimed. “I’ll see you soon, Philip….”

“Mac-Kenny. But call me, Phil.”.

“Oh, wow. Mine’s Parker.”

  “It’s such a pleasure meeting you, Tricia Parker. Hope to see you again.”

  I smiled. “Sure hope so, too.”

   I watched as he slowly disappeared, and was about taking the next turn when a hand came on my bum, startling me.

  “Oh my goodness!” I uttered aloud.

  “Missed me?”

  “Ohh!” I yelled as the mystery guy came in front of me, and with a naughty expression written on his face, cupped my cheeks. “Oh, how I’ve missed you.” He grinned, nibbling sweetly on my lower lip.

  I made to resist, but my feelings betrayed me at the sudden capture of the erotic feeling that was starting to gather up inside of me.

  I let out a soft moan, my body melting totally in his arms. “Ahh, James….”

  “That’s right, baby.” He smirked, moving his hands down my back onto my enlarge butt cheeks as he gripped it in a way my kitty-cat made a spurting sound.

  “J-James, you know we can’t do this here.”I purred, vibrating from his touch.

  “Oh, please! No one really cares about us doing this here. You have no idea how much I’ve missed you.” He grinned between kisses.

  “I know baby, but-” I made to pull away, but he pulled me back, my bosom grazing his broad chest, which I could see clearly.

  He went further into brushing my hair aside as he made to nibble on my earlobe.

  “Oh, that t-tickles.” I laughed, feeling the wetness in between my legs.

  “Oh, I know, baby. You’re gonna come see me tomorrow, right?”

  I looked up at him, giving a slight chuckle, my arms still wrapped up around him. “I’ll be right where you need me, baby.”

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