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I knew where this was headed for, and I had to do something before it was too late. Trish -

Wh-whats wrong? She gave a worried look.

Nothing. I threw my face away as she ran her fingers lightly on it.

It cant be nothing, you know? I know you quite well. She leaned closer.

Trust me, Trish. We cant do this right now. I spoke softly, trying not to sound harsh.

B-but why? Dont you want me?

You dont understand, Tricia! I snapped in an angry tone, as she gasped.

Did you just yell at me?

Im sorry, I said regretfully, making to touch her.

No! No, its fine. I perfectly understand. She gritted, pulling away. You dont want me, and I wont force you to do anything you dont want to do. This was a mistake. She sighed and picked up her bag.

Trish, please色

Dont, Philip! She hushed and pulled the door open roughly. You can have fun eating your silly tunas. What an asshole you are! She cursed, and walked out the door.

I made to go after her, but stopped knowing there was nothing I could say to make her come back. Why do I always say the wrong thing? I turned and made back inside, having no mood to do anything.


My day with Philip was perfectly going well, until he turned out to be such a worm! What is it that Daphne has that I dont?! Does he still love her? Why cant I just have him all to myself without anyone getting in my way?! I sobbed breathlessly.

Trish? A soft masculine voice brought me to a stop. Tricia, are you okay? Why are you crying?

Go away, please. I quickly wiped my tears and made to walk past him, as he held me back.

Come on, Trish. Please tell me whats wrong. Did someone hurt you?

No one, I sniffed a little. And and I wasnt crying. I faked a smile, trying not to let my tears flow.

Did James hurt you? What did he do now?

My teeth clenched at his annoying questions, and my otherside sprang up. Derek, can you please mind your business? Why do you always have to bump into me all the time?

He was taken aback. I was only trying to know how you were色

Oh, please stop! I silenced him, raising a hand to his face. I dont want you getting in my business, you hear me?! Now, if youd excuse me, Id best be on my way.

But no ones blocking you, is there? He joked, making me sound funny.

Whatever! I hissed and brushed him aside.


Man! Why does she have to be so rude? I shrugged, making toward my hostel.

Few minutes on Maine lane, I sighted my pal and his girl talking not so far off from where I stood.

I hurried towards them, happily calling out to Xan as he looked in my direction and waved.

Yo, man! Whats kicking? He spoke in his usual friendly tone as I drew near.

Oh, you know what!

We laughed and hugged each other.

Hey, Rek. His girlfriend, Minaj, greeted.

Girl! Its good to see you. I said, and hugged her.

Hey, hey, bruh. You aint stealing my girl from me, are ya? Xan teased.

Nada, man! You know we bros!

We chop knuckled.

So, bruh, you know that girl you were talking with? Xander asked, as a confused expression hovered on my face.

Mm? What about her?

You know, the brunette beauty you were talking with, He further described.

Yeah? You talking about Tricia?

Yes. That one. He pulled Minaj to his front.

Ah. You know her?

Know her?! Dude, youve got no idea.

Hmm, I gave a slight thought about it and wiggled my nose. Well, lets not talk about her. Man! You looking good. I made to changed the subject, sticking my hands into my pants pocket.

Wheres M獺rcia? Shes not with you? Xanders girlfriend asked.

M獺rcia? Oh, um, shes fine. I quickly averted my gaze.

M獺rcia was my rich Brazilian girlfriend. Well, was, since we broke up not quite long. I havent told them yet about it, and certainly didnt want them knowing. Our relationship was a complicated one, owning to the fact that she and I were different. Not like Im pained.

You know, babe, Minaj looked up at Xander. I think we should go on a double date sometime. What do you think?

Well, I dont see why. He laughed and kissed her forehead. How about you, D. You bringing M獺rcie with you?

I forced a smile and replied with a nod, S-sure. Im bet shell love it. I said, and added a mutter, Thats if she hears.


I sat thinking of how I had messed up things; burying my head in my palms, I cried into it, knowing Id lost my only chance. I should have taken things slowly, I thought. I never should have done that. I went on, soaking my palms with my salty tears. I shouldnt be crying! He should be the one feeling sorry for making me feel bad. Some guy he is taking me off with those five minutes-old tunas and his fancy charms.

The door jerked open and Karens voice came, followed by another. But, the other voice didnt belong to Joan.

Oh, honey, She started. You should have seen that guys face,

Their laughter echoed in the room, infecting the once noiseless place.

Oh, if it isnt Miss. Little Rudy pants, Karens voice hovered, as she walked towards me.

What do you want? I asked testily and eyed her.

Nothing - She shrugged and chuckled in a mocking way.

Oh, dear. You must be Tricia, The white girl in a classy tank top, and a short skirt carved around a black net hose, said, her hand placed on Karens waist. Karen here has told me all about you.

I fixed my gaze on her. Good things, I hope?

Ne-errrr, She moved her hand. Baby, what we going to do this Saturday? She turned

The usual partying I guess? Karens forehead wrinkled.

Ah-aah! So right. She snapped her fingers. You coming, B? She asked, rolling her eyes at me.

Oh, please tell me she isnt, Karen broke in, squeezing her face. We cant possibly invite her to something we know she wouldnt partake in. Right, Parker?! She threw a snarl at me, and I smirked.

I knew my presence there will annoy her even more, so I knew exactly what to say. What time is it?

What?! She shouted.

Oh, come on, Karry Woozy. She wont cause any harm. Her acquaintance said, and whispered into her ears.

Fine! You can come. She said to me, and turned to her girlfriend. But know shes your responsibility! She groaned and started towards her bed.

Wait. You havent told me your name,

I havent? She puckered her gloss lips to the side. Well, Im gonna tell you at the party. Nine oclock. Miltons! Dont be late!

I nodded and watched her leave to Karens side. I gave a sigh and thought about the reply I had given, as I contemplated on whether to go or not.

Guess it wouldnt hurt, I shrugged and got up. Making a stretch, I made for the door, pulling it open, and stepped out for a slight walk down the hall.

After some minutes of pacing, I walked back to my room, as soft moans and girly laughter came on the inside. I leaned closer, groaning at the realization of what was going on, and sat down on the floor. Guess I have to stay here then. I sighed, having no desire to interrupt.

Hey. Whatre you doing here? Someone asked as I raised my head up.

Daphne? I blinked.

Your Joans roommate, arent you? Sheasked, and I nodded, bringing my legs up. Can I? She motioned to my side, and I nodded in affirmation.

I had no idea why I couldnt make any utterance, but I felt the tingling feeling in my head, saying I shouldnt say anything thatd add to the situation that I was in.

Is Karen in? She inquired, and still no answer came; only signals.

Ah, I forgot that lesbian Roomie of yours is another thing entirely. She laughed.

You know? My eyes shone.

Who doesnt?! She replied with a raised brow. Everyone on campus does. She said.

Well, Im not surprised. I said with a shrug, and we both laughed.

It turned out she wasnt so bad after all, as we exchanged numbers and bid each other goodbye.


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