MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong

By JessyKen:

  Deafening noise of gunshots, accompanied by sirens’ wail increased the tension on Brooklyn street. Facing forward, I began to sprint; my loud grunts filling the air, and tired feet slapping the hard road, as I ran so fast, with the thought of my legs about to explode going on in my mind.

  The steady pound of my footsteps echoed in my ears, as beads of sweat that were already gathered on my forehead rolled down my face and splattered to my chin. The fear I had from being on the run, was one that added to my strength – and the soles of my shoes hitting the ground, made me not want to give up. It was one way to release my energy and continue, lest I’ll be caught.

  Adrenaline coursed through my veins, as a thin layer of sweat covered the nape of my neck. I tried to keep my breathing steady, and I pushed harder, going really fast. The ground blurred below me as I continued to run for what seemed like longer than it should have. I wasn’t ready to stop, and I knew what could hinder me from survival were my doubts and limits.

  At this great speed I could barely see a few feet ahead of me, not with the smog formed in front blinding me from urging on. Everything became veiled, but still I pounded my feet across the road, my lungs getting strained at the cold air which bit into it. Feeling the wind whip my face, the hair on my skin stood erect, sending chills up my spine. My mind was racing faster than my feet, and my steps pounded in time with my heartbeat; the former remaining frantic with thoughts, How is it that they were able to find me? Has my end come at last?

  I felt my whole body working; my leg muscles running warm, as fresh air entered my lungs and blood flowed into all my limbs. I quickened my pace until steps became leaps, and anxious feet flew over stones. I pumped my legs, gaining momentum with each push, as I darted past buildings and trees, with my calves burning, and breath forming clouds in the air.

  Gut-wrenching, heart pumping after several thrusts forward, my legs got all weary, and I began to slow down – breath coming in short gasps.

  I turned around, knowing that there was no way that I could make it in time, as the wailing of sirens could be heard not so far off.

  I looked to my right, realizing that I was on Canary bridge, as it occurred to me that there was no way I could escape this time. I was ready for anything that lay in wait, and was ready to pay for my sins… for every sin committed.

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