By Jessy:

  My eyelids twitched. The elegant body that lay between starchy sheets stirred imperceptibly. My mind, although trapped in thoughts, protested the white sheets as I didn’t sleep all night – not with the crackly sheets making silly noises under my skin.

  Perplexed and disturbed, I tried to lift myself up, but remained still. I looked up at James and realized he was wide awake and had already lighted a cigarette, having no notice of ms. I saw myself staring, and I moved up a little, taking the cigarette from him. 

  “Didn’t know you smoke,” He said with a surprised look as he slipped his fingers into the duvet, slowly making out my hard nipples.

  “I don’t. Just wanted to clear my head a little.” I said, felling my head.

  “Heh. Never knew cigarettes served that purpose.” 

  “Oh, don’t make fun of me.” I scoffed and handed the cigarette back to him. “God, I can’t believe I’ve got class at noon.” I muttered under my breath.

  “Class?” He repeated with his brows raised.

  “Yep! Class.” I looked around, seeing my dress scattered on the floor.

  “Awe, come on. Can’t you just stay here with me?”

  I looked at him and felt my angry side lit up.”James, I’ve already spent the night with you – in a place that isn’t yours. What else do you want?” 

  “Okay, fine. The truth is, I miss having you around.” He confessed, and I sat up.

  “Having me around?” Seriously?” I laughed and folded my arms. 

  “Come on, babe. You know it’s being two weeks since we last saw each other.”

  “Exactly, James. Two weeks! So you gotta stop complaining, cause I need to be back on campus before twelve.” I made to get up, and he dragged me down.

  “Just one last kiss…”

  “James!” I gritted and stopped, hearing a sound at a distance. “Do you hear that?”

  “I hear it perfectly. It should be coming from…”

  “My bag!” I jerked out of his arms and hurried towards where I had dropped my bag last night. I unzipped it quickly and got my phone out, clearly seeing the name on it as my thumb nervously swiped the answer sign. “Hey… Mum.” I tried to relax my voice and motioned to James to be quiet.

  Making for the bathroom, I heard her casual voice ring.

  “Baby, how are you doing?”

  “Heh. Fine as usual, Mum…” I dragged my voice, circling the white tiles with my toes.

  “Oh, sweetheart. How delighted I am to hear that.” She said in a happy tone and I swallowed.

  “Um, why did you call?” 

  “Oh, silly. I just called to check up on you. Where are you, huh? Still in bed?”

  “Oh, yes! Yes, actually. But I’ve got lectures soon.” My conscience pricked. Why does she have to call by this time?

  “Is everything okay there? Your voice sounds, I don’t know, different?”

  “No-no. No, I’m fine, ma. It’s just the weather.” I held my breath, wishing she’d just end the call. Mum, please!

  “Awe. Okay. Well, guess what, baby,”

  “Mum, you know I’m not good at guessing.” I rubbed my forehead, feeling the sweat already gathered on it.

  “Okay. Your Dad’s being elected the town’s mayor!”

  “No way!”

  “I know, right? Everything’s happening so fast, honey. Your father and I are so excited.”

  “I know, right?” I set my hand at an angle. “You know that’s good news, Mum. I gotta go. Got class. Love you.” I hurriedly said, and her voice came in as my fingers slipped.


  I looked at myself in the mirror, not recognizing who stood at the opposite side. God, what is this? Why am I having a hard time not doing what is right? Just take a look at yourself, Tricia. What is it you’re doing? James shouldn’t be the one with you. Why do you let him make the rules while you follow behind? This isn’t fair to you. And neither it is to Philip. Why do you keep on doing this?

  My fingers worked on the faucet as I stared blankly, having no idea when the door swung open.

  “You’re taking really long in here,”

  “James!” I turned around, peering into glistening black eyes. “Why did you have to make such entrance?” 

  “Oh, please. There’s nothing I haven’t seen.” He said with a smirk, and my brows wrinkled into a frown.

  “Well, that doesn’t mean you can come in anytime.” I scoffed and walked past him.

  He followed me, giving my butt a squeeze as I gave a scowl.

  “What?! I was only kidding, you know.”

  “Then quit doing that. We’ve had enough, don’t you think? Don’t you ever get tired?” 

  He laughed and made to wrap his arms around me as I moved backwards.


  “You can call me again, baby.”

  I groaned and slapped his hands away.

  “Come on, why are you being like this?” 

  “I’m being like this cause I really need to go home and rest.”

  “Thought you said you had class?” He reminded and my lashes shot up.

  “Yeah, true. And also quiz.” I added swiftly.

  “Qui… what now?”

  “Yes. So I gotta bounce. Good thing I had nothing unturned.” I said with a shrug and walked back to the bed.

  Keeping my bag in order, I kissed him lightly on the lips and started towards the bathroom – this time not letting anything get in my way.

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