By Jessy:

  I laid the pancakes and Maple syrup out on a tray and walked back to Derek.

  I handed it out to him and sat down, trying not to make eye contact with him.

  I noticed his countenance – one vague and completely hard to understand, and I asked him what the problem was. “Is everything okay? Are the pancakes not good enough?”

  “It’s not the pancakes, Trish,” He said, and stopped eating. “I was only wondering what made you change your mind.”

  “Change my mind?” I rubbed my legs and got up. “If you don’t like that I’m here, I can just leave.”

  “You know that isn’t what I was trying to say,” He stopped me, and I stood, uttering nothing. “Aren’t you going to say anything?”

  I sighed and sat back down. “Okay. I know what I said to you back there was not really nice. And I just want to say I’m sorry.” I apologized, not sure if I sounded pretty convincing.

  He smiled and thanked me, his hand rubbing mine.

  “What’s the ‘thanks’ for?” I asked, confused.

  “Well, let’s just say it’s for helping me out.”

  I smiled shyly and nodded in acceptance of his gratitude.

  I realized that I haven’t quite asked him about the girl he had mentioned whilst sleeping, and I stopped, thinking of how he’d react if I went asking.

  “So… we’re friends now?” His eyebrows arched slightly, and I smiled.

  “Yes, we are.”

  Later in the day, James called me, saying he’d like us to spend the day at a certain place – a hotel like he had sounded.

  He texted me the address, and all I could think of was how to tell him that I wanted to end our illicit affair and move on.

  I didn’t want anyone getting hurt. Certainly not Derek or Philip. So I knew I had to make things right, and was ready for whatever thing that came after that.

  I arrived at the place, with the neon sign placed in front of it reading – Havana Hotel.

  Rolling my eyes at it, I wondered why James had wanted me to come here instead of his place.

  I shrugged the weird feelings off and walked inside. Making towards the counter, I asked the receptionist where room 404 was, and she picked up the telephone, signaling to me to wait. I wondered why she couldn’t just tell me where it was, and I waited for her to finish with the receiver – who I presumed was none other than James.

  She dropped the telephone back and directed me on how to locate it.

  I glanced at my watch, seeing the time clock half past seven, as I hurried towards the elevator, hoping James wouldn’t keep me waiting.

  I pressed the button on the elevator as it slid open, granting me passage. I got in hurriedly and it shut back again, moving up swiftly as it came upon the tenth floor.

  I got out quickly, rolling my eyes in search of the door with a 404 marked on it, as I finally located it. “There you are,” I muttered and ran my knuckle on the door as it pulled open.

  “Why, it’s about time!”

  I ignored his grin and walked inside, not wearing a smile. “Why did you choose this place again?”

  He ignored my question and shut the door, moving behind me with his hands placed on my shoulders.

  “Do you always have to think about sex?” I made to take his hands off me as he ran his tongue on my right lobe.

  “My, you taste really sweet.” He moaned softly and moved his hands down my palms.

  I felt irritated by his horny movement and gently pulled away. “Can we not do this, please?”

  “Ooh, looks like someone’s not in the mood this eve.”

  “Clearly,” I shrugged and looked with a neutral expression. “We need to talk.”

  “Oh, that can wait. My horny clock’s quite full.” He made towards me and grabbed a hold of my arms, pulling me swiftly into his.


  “Come on, baby. What’s the matter? Don’t you want to catch some fun? Hmm? Don’t you wanna feel my tongue running in and out of your kitty cat? Rolling and pulling -” He talked dirty, making my legs tremble.

  God, what is this? Why do I have to be stuck in this awful situation? I shut my eyes and thought of whether to give in or not.

  The whole of me wanted to feel him again; to be in his arms and to have him all to myself – owning to the fact that we haven’t been together for days. How am I supposed to tell him that I didn’t want to have anything to do with him again?

  “So what do you say, huh? I know you want this more than anything.” He spoke in a softened tone, moving his hands under my candy top.

  I had totally forgotten about the question I had thrown at him. And, also what made me come here. I stood lost, having no desire of pulling away, as I turned, making to face him.

  “Do it!” I instructed hastily and tightened my arms around his neck.

  He aided in taking my clothes off, leaving me only in my bra and scissors skirt, as I stood lost in his arms.

  I was slowly giving in, that I knew. But I felt sorry for not being able to save myself from the devil’s grip.

  I didn’t know how this was going to end, but all I wished for, was to feel those loving arms around me – those loving arms of James.

  I felt anxious fingers move behind me, and my bra came off almost immediately, as my whole front stood fully, revealing my hardened nipples which was already pink and swollen.

  The cold air blew swiftly, and I could feel the tingling sensation on them as James chest grazed them, turning me really on.

  I couldn’t wait any more as I pulled James head down, bringing his mouth closer to my throbbing pinkies, as he wasted no time taking the right one into his mouth; pressing the other as he went on, making me moan in his arms.

  I threw my head backwards, feeling the warmness of his lips around my nipples, as he took turns working them out.

  He peered into my eyes and said, “I’m only beginning.”

  I was ready for anything, and I moaned again, bringing his partly swollen lips down on mine as we began kissing breathlessly.

  He lifted me up in his arms, moving his hands under my skirt, perfectly relaxing them on my soft backside, as he gave a naughty grin. “You really did prepare for this, didn’t you?”

  “Oh, shush. Just keep moving” I glued my lips on his, feeling my back touch the bed.

  I could see a condom laid out properly on the bed, and I watched him grab it, still not taking his eyes off me pointed tits.

  I was running out of time, and I knew there was no way my aching clit could hold it no more as it yearned to be touched.

  I pulled myself up, pulling James down on me, as he made to suck my tits.

  He ran his teeth on the right, then on the left, slowly sliding his finger down my belly, as he brought them right on my pant, running it lightly at the entrance.

  I knew what was coming, and I shut my eyes, trying to enjoy the moment as I felt his finger slide totally into me, swiftly locating my lips, as he parted them and placed his middle finger into its comfort, as his thumb worked my swollen clit.

  I felt my pants come off completely, and before I knew it, hungry lips came on me, making me really hot.

  I was panting heavily, having his tongue dance in and out of me, as my juices came spurting right into his mouth – as he licked the whole up.

  James was one sex beast, and if you could let him, he’d go on for hours, not taking a pause.

  I watched as he slipped the sheath on. And, before I could say Jack, his bulging head came driving into me, taking me off.

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