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I stared with eager eyes as her jaw dropped open.

Wait, what?! What do you mean by that? Her questions came.

I said I love you, I repeated, hoping for a better answer.

Derek, why are you making it so hard for me?

I frowned at the question. How am I making it so hard for you?

You just dont understand!

Then make me, I took her hand in mine and pleaded. Please, Tricia. Just make me understand.

J-just stop! Stop, okay? Ive got far more important things to worry about than this. She took her hand from me and turned to leave.

Tricia, wait.

What youre saying now is just too much to hold. Derek, I just cant. Im sorry.

I clasped her hand and drew closer. Trish, please hear me out色

Leave me alone! Her face turned red with rage. Is that why you came here? To tell me about your stupid feelings for me?!

Stupid? I gasped as my heart came throbbing.

Yes, Derek. Stupid! I dont love you, and theres no way Ill ever love someone like you. You just have to forget about me and move on!

Move on? I gulped in pain, watching as she walked away, not looking back.


Derek, Im sorry. Im really sorry. I didnt mean everything I said. I really didnt mean any of it. I just cant let you be dragged into this. My lifes a bit messy now, and you coming in would make it a lot worse. I hope you can forgive me. I really hope you can.

That night, Derek drank himself to stupor while Tricia, on the other hand, had no idea what was going on.

She had sighted him that night in a bar where she and Chelsea had gone out for girls night.

She excused herself and hurried towards him staring with pity eyes, she said, Derek, why are you doing this? Why do you have to put yourself through all this just because of me? Why?!

He raised his head up and asked drunkenly, Who are you?

D-Derek. Derek, its me Tricia. You have to stop. You really have to. Tricia said amidst tears, clasping his arm

What do you want? The barkeeper asked.

Tricia ignored his question and threw an angry stare at Derek. Derek, thats enough! Youve had enough drink for one night. She took the bottle of whiskey from him.

Whats going on? A familiar voice spoke behind. Is everything all right?

Tricia looked at her and shoved her bag into her arms. Here, Chels. Hold this.

Oh, give me that. I want more. The strong stench of liquor filled the air at his voice, as a blonde, brown-eyed lad interrupted. Ill take it from here, you two.

And who are you supposed to be? Tricia looked at him, as he laughed.

Im Oliver,

Just Oliver? Tricia folded her arms. Got no last name?

Oh, forgive me. Im Oliver Jackson, He introduced fully. Dereks roommate. He added.

Tricia unclasped her arms and said to him. Well, Oliver. We should help Derek out of here. You can call the cab while we bring him along. She pulled Derek up.

You dont need to worry. Hes my responsibility.

And why is that?

Cause hes with me. He said to her.

So youre the one that brought Derek to this place? What were you thinking?! Her face reddened, and Chelsea cut in.

Um, you two. I think wed better hurry. Its getting late. She fixed her eyes on her watch.

Chels, you should go. We can take care of the rest. Tricia said to her.

But, Trish, theres no how I can leave you here色

Ill be fine. Tricia assured.

You promise?

I do. Just go, all right? Oliver and I can take care of it.

Her best friend relaxed at the words and gave her a hug exiting the bar as she took a cab back to campus.


Dereks room was such a sight. Even in the dark, you could still make out the posters that hanged on both sides of the wall, and the tons of shirt scattered on the bed with hundreds of things I couldnt quite tell, piled up on the floor. What happened here? I turned to Oliver as the light came on. Oh, crap! I rolled my eyes around the room.

Why dont you ask your boyfriend what happened? He came back here, looking all furious and all. And before I could know it, he sent everything crashing through the ground. He explained. Didnt know why, really.

Oh, this is all my fault, I thought, feeling my heart race.

I wanted to tell Oliver that Derek and me werent together, but found myself saying nothing.

Okay! He clapped his hand. Is there anything you wish to have? Water, perhaps? He asked.

No, thank you. I shook my head and made towards the bed.

All right, then. Guess Ill see you two later. He said, and made to leave.

Hang on a second. Did you two, I dont know quarrel?

I smiled faintly and gave a no, feeling the dryness in my throat.

Was he actually leaving? I gulped, finding it so hard to accept the fact that I was spending the night at Dereks.

I heard the door slam shut, and I breathed a sigh. Guess he actually did. I thought aloud, looking to where Derek slept soundly.

He uttered a moan as his eyelids slid open slowly, and shut again, relieving me a bit.

I sat beside him, admiring the smooth curvature of his face, and felt the urge to brush a strand of hair that popped out in front aside finally giving in to it.

I saw myself getting carried away doing so, as I hummed, forgetting all about my anger towards him.

His face twitched and his hand moved, and I got up instantly, hoping he hadnt heard me.

He muttered something I couldnt quite catch, and I pulled closer, making out some of the words.

M獺rcia M獺rcia, please dont leave me. M獺rc色

I shuddered and took my hand away. M獺rcia? Who-who is M獺rcia? I asked myself and got up, making towards the bathroom.

I had no idea what to do next, and I had no other option but to take a piece of cloth that laid by the corner, and a white bowl on the sink, as I filled the latter and made back to the room.


I woke up feeling really tired, and I got up slowly, feeling my head ache badly.

I looked to my side, noticing the presence of someone, as I made to touch her.

Youre awake, She said sleepily with her raised slightly as she squinted in the light.

Tri-Tricia? I gaped at her, having no idea if it was real. What are you doing here?

How do you feel? Do you want me to make breakfast for you?

Yes. I mean, how are you here? Wheres Oliver?

Oh, your roommate? She yawned and laughed. Hes not yet back. She answered and yawned again. Just wait here. Let me just get you something. I know youre famished.

Tell me what happened, Tricia. Did you stay here all night?

You dont remember?

Remember what? I winced and thought, remembering going out with Oliver. I do. I just cant recall exactly -

Hmm. Well, Ill go prepare breakfast. She said, and made for the cupboard like she had actually been here before.

I tried recalling what had went on last night as memories of the previous day came crawling back. I remembered how worse her words made me feel, and how badly I wanted to drink just so I could forget.

I looked around, realizing everywhere was all cleaned up, and I marveled at how she could have possibly done that alone. Is she really changing? Whats her reason for this?

Well, what do you know? Tricia might be really changing.

~~~ TBC ~~~


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