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Her lips tasted like strawberries and it took me off balance. She cupped my boobs and sexily made to release them from their cups, as she leaned closer, making a hickey on my neck.

Want to know my name now? She sucked my bottom lip and pulled away, making me shudder at the lost of contact.

I nodded breathlessly and she said, Im Lilian, I felt her finger tips grace my lower lip, as she withdrew them and tasted them one by one.


She was just so beautiful, and I certainly couldnt keep my paws off her. She had smooth, perfect skin; two gorgeous round eyes and the perfect shape I longed to have all to myself. Her breath was magnificent, and the way she let me into her, without any refusal, got me all wet underneath, making my juices flow even more.

I sucked on the upper side of her left breast, and made to suck on the second, as I slid my hand under her dress.

Im sorry. I-I cant - She pulled away from me, and my eyes widened.

Whats wrong? Youve never been fucked by a girl?

She twisted her lips. One yes. And, also cause Im totally not into you. Na-ah! She wiggled her fingers as I gaped at her.

You cant be serious now色

I am! She shot me an angry stare. Look, Lilian or whatever you are, I know we had fun and all, but this this just isnt my thing. She said, and walked out on me.

I stormed off angrily, bothering not to look for Karen, as I boarded a cab back to Marionette.

On reaching there, I realized Karen will be coming back anytime soon, and knowing she wont waste time reigning her bitchy attitude on me for humiliating her girlfriend, I mean, seriously, what was I thinking letting her kiss me? Grr! I better go use a mouth wash! I groaned, stealing a glance at my watch.

I remembered Philip, and I wasted no time getting my phone out brushing my pride aside as I gave his number a dial.

Hello? His weary voice came in.

Phil Phil, are you around? I found myself asking, forgetting all about the disagreement we had.

Trish? His voice jerked to life. Trish, what happened? I could hear his panic-stricken voice.

Did I wake you up? Where are you? I asked simultaneously, looking around.

Of course. Y-yes. Why? Is something wrong? He asked, as I relaxed my voice.

Nothing is. I just I just want to see you right now.

Trish, its almost midnight. Whats going on?

Nothing. I just um, wanna spend the night at your place. I said and began explaining. Its hard to explain,but something came up, and, I I dont know just please let me - I stopped halfway, hoping he wouldnt say no.

Well, um well, sure! You can home. He agreed, and I felt a butterfly feeling in my tum.

You almost here?

I nodded and answered, Yes yes, just keep ten minutes. Ill be there soon. I ended the call swiftly and boarded a taxi to Maine lane.

We got there in not less than fifteen minutes, as I got out and paid the driver, not caring about the petty change.

I rushed to Philips door, giving a loud, but not so loud knock on it, as it came open. Philip! I spoke breathlessly, rushing into his arms. Philip, Im so sorry. Im really sorry! I never should have yelled at you in that manner. I really shouldnt have. I went on, feeling really bad.

Trish Trish色

Oh, Phil. Please forgive me. Dont stop being friends with me. I continued, ignoring his call. Please dont stop. I dont know what Id do if I lose you,

Trish, stop, His voice softened. You know theres no way Id stop being friends with you. What will make me do that?

Really? You still want to be friends with me?

Of course. Ill never leave your side, He drew closer, wrapping his arms around me this time.

I was happy at least, and was really glad that I still had a chance of being with him.

It was just the two of us as his roommate wasnt around making it pretty uncomfortable for the both of us.

Will you be okay there?

I adjusted the pillow and turned to face him. Yeah, why?

Dont know exactly, but it looks like its about to rain, He averted his gaze from me and fixed it on the window.

He laid back down, and with his hands placed behind his head, stared at the ceiling boards.

I could see his muscles from where I laid, and I swallowed and stared, not taking my eyes off.

Youre not scared of thunder, are you?

A blush coated my cheeks at the sound of his. What if I was?

His eyes glistened as he stole a glance. You dont look like someone who is.

I smiled, burying my face in the fragrance-filled pillow, inhaling its scent like a child who still licks an ice cream off its cone.

I lifted my head up as lightning struck and thunder clapped, making me jump in fright.

I thought you werent scared?

I wasnt, I pretended not to me scared and eyed him.

Ah. I can come stay with you, if you want. He offered with a grin, and I shook my head in refusal.

Not like I didnt want it, I just didnt want us to get into a fight again. Not after the one weve had. Part of me really wished for him to stay with me, but I just couldnt let that part win, knowing I wont be able to stop myself from kissing him.

I was still scared of the noise that was going on outside, and I so wished for it to stop. Ever since I was little, its always been that way. Id always have my Mum sleep by my side, until the rain stopped. I couldnt say why I feared the rain so much, but I just couldnt let my fears to be known

Good night, Trish,

Youre sleeping already?

Yep. Its few hours to morning and Ive got loads of work to do. He covered himself properly with the sheet.

But I cant sleep. Can you please keep me company? Just for a while - I pouted and looked at him with kitty eyes.

Awe. How can I refuse that? He laughed softly. Oh, by the way, what happened that you decided to spend the night here?

Hmm. You dont like that Im here?

No. You know thats not what I mean, He said, sitting up.

I thought of an answer to give, having had no plans of lying, and had no other option than to tell him everything, sparing the details of Lilian and me making out, out!

So youre saying you attended a sorority party? His lips curved to the side, and I gave a nod, not uttering a word.

Gosh, what am I saying? What have I done? What is happening to me?

Wow! Look at this. The rains stopped. Phil announced. Think you can sleep now? He asked, giving me a concerned look.

Mm-hmm I managed to say and relaxed my head on my palm.

I bid him good night and turned off the lamp, hoping my conscience wont stop me from having a good night sleep.


I couldnt catch some sleep, not with Tricia sleeping next to me. I sat up slowly, looking to where she slept soundly and gave a smile at the pretty sight.

I got up to my feet and slipped on my footwear making towards her, I drew closer, looking down at her, my hand placed lightly on her cheek as I caressed it, trying to be as quiet as possible.

I heard a soft moan being let out, and I withdrew my hand, hoping she hadnt notice anything.

I waited for her to open her eyes as they remained shut, a sigh eluding my lips.

I went on my knees, not minding the cold floor as I took her hand in mine, caring less on how shed react if her eyes flung open at that moment.

I kissed it lightly, throwing a glance at her as I breathed and thought; Oh, Tricia. Why are you making this so hard for me? I dont know where to start; I dont know what to do. It feels as though Im living in a world where I am completely lost; a world where I cant fully express myself. My grams is sick I have no money. Everything about me is complicated, and is making me really crazy. I just cant let you be a part of this life a part of me. You deserve better. Im sorry I cant give you what you want. It hurts knowing theres no way Ill ever be a part of you. Even though I wish for that. I just hope you can understand why I am doing this. I love you very much

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