I know the journey will not be easy and I started.
I will run the race with peace and love of God above.
All His people were traders and business people before me.
I shall not be moved if on the way I failed.
The men of god before me knew what failure is.
When the crops failed, Abraham went to Egypt.
He walked to and fro with the God of heaven.
Only the works and plans of god are failure proof.
My works are likely not to be failure proof.
I was not born with success but with a lot of inabilities.

I know I will go into the business of my heart,
I may be awake but I am really blind to tomorrow.
I was told that you have to tell it to God
All you think concerning your business
I did not tell it to god, I know it all.
I believe I have all the knowledge that I need.
I am intelligent and that is it, I need nothing.
God can wait that is all that matters.
I will be what I need be without God.
I will have every good that exist in this life for good.

I accepted that I have to start my business small.
Some start business without money, little or big.
Some went into volunteer work to save funds for business
I was a bit lucky I had some one to help me.
I see no reason for delay in my business life.
It was such a person who told me to start small.
If I can take the pain I shall have it.
With these words of hope my man went his own way.

I would have wanted him to stay that long.
He has so many things he would do for himself.
He has his own business and family to take care.
I learnt his dreams are for his children now he is old.
He has left his dreams to his children all alone.
He told me changing of business is not good.
There are many business connected to writing.
It is when you find them that you can expand…

Affirmative action is affirmative evidence.
That we need not apologize for thinking about,
Business as an intellectual pursuit in a day and age…
When many people want…to turn business education.
Into orientation for membership in the Chamber of Commerce.
For this I start saying I am and will be.
I start moving to the place where I can excel all round.
I left some of the things I felt behind so god takes over.
Of everything I have learned so that I can learn again and again.
I know that only I can stop myself from learning.

This, I can tell for sure, A friendship founded.
On business is better than a business founded on friendship.
My mentor would not stop telling me this,
You don’t need to have all the money to excel.
That is the words that made sense to me.
So I walked to the world of business without God.
I was not told I do meet competition.
I was not old the market would change.
I was not told what inflation and recession means.
And of course one day they all came.
Some people left the market to find another dream.
I would stay to the calling God gave to me.
The business of write, print and publish.

Many a times I was asked where I kept my ambition.
You want to waste your time writing poetry.
You want to be like Wole Soyinka and others.
You want to join the intellectuals, at all cost.
Those sets of people who has lost their minds.
In other to find the enlightenment for the people,
Nothing would stop me from being a poet.
For begin a poet I was not blind.
It was love and destiny from above.
My dear, I would write my life out.
I would keep writing till I am dead.

Years in the business I was still struggling.
I wondered why others are succeeding and why.
I have done everything I was told to get success.
And yet, nothing seems to be working for good.
Everyday what I see is failure and it pains me.
In my pains and weakness I was asked to find god.
That evening I went to the church for the first time that year.
Immediately, I put my head on the table I slept
I found peace I never had in my life.
Peace that I learned money cannot buy.

I prayed for the spirit of faith to see me through.
I pray that it rise to the river measure of faith.
That it will sweep away every failure and obstacles.
That I will see in the business world and life.
It will sweep away every doubt that I see.

I began to pray the God of heaven will see me through.
It is a dream that I pray to live with all my life.
That I grow all round and become a success in life
Failure will not stop me from moving ahead.

I have read the stories of successful people in the business world
And how far they have cried and failed in life.
They were eager to tell to me and all.
Who will forever care to listen to them?
I was among the ones that listen to them.
And it was forever well with my soul and business.
I saw a bright future and went into business.
I saw so many who have failed in business.
And yet, I stood ever strong as I failed forward.
My faith kept being renewed every day as I failed
I was not actually failing, I was learning and growing.

I know the end of the day will surely come.
I did not get fearful, I know the way.
I know with my heart, I shall not be moved.
I will be very glad not to fail god.
I have served man and God very well.
I have a good story to be told in business.
The people could tell I saved many lived.
My son would be ready to take over from me.
I shall rejoice to what God has done in me.

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