By Jessica-Ken:

“I’m not going, Mommy. I’m not going!” Little Annabel yelled. Her Mom wanted her to go to school, but she refused, stating she wanted to stay home.
“Why don’t you want to go to school, baby?”
“Mrs Hawkins is always beating me,” Annabel replied.
Mrs Hawkins was her school teacher. She was in charge of the school assembly and was feared by the pupils.
“Well, baby, you have to go to school…”
“I don’t want to!”
Annabel’s mother gasped. Mrs Kloggs sat down beside her daughter and drew her closer to her. She placed her head on her bosom and made to talk to her. “Sweety…”
Annabel frowned.
“I know you’re scared of Mrs Hawkins…”
“I am…”
“But you have to go to school,”
“I know,”
Mrs Kloggs couldn’t help laughing at her little girl. If only she knew she was being disciplined.


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